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How To Help Your Male Clients Look After Their Lockdown Facial Hair Growth

by akesha / last updated February 9, 2021

With a reported 44% of men in the UK sporting facial hair, lockdown has forced more men to let it grow longer than ever before. If you want to still give guidance to your clients, Joe Mills, owner of Joe & Co and The Lounge Soho has some tips you can share if you are currently offering online catch ups and appointments.

“Some men aren’t allowed to grow a beard because of the work they do, some can go through a patchy stage and others have never considered it before,” says Joe. “Whatever the reason, it seems guys across the land are growing a beard for the lockdown. Once they have made that jump from clean shaven to facial hair, they will need to care for it.”

Joe’s Tips for Facial Hair Growth

Condition the beard – Treat the hair on your face like the hair on your head and keep it clean and conditioned.

Brush your beard – A boar bristle brush is ideal to brush the bush – once a day will remove any dirt or dead skin cells. Use it gently so not to irritate the skin.

Use a beard oil – Like a leave-in conditioner, a beard oil will rebalance the natural oils in your beard and on your skin.

Keep it in shape – The first cut is the scariest but once you’ve decided on the shape and length you can trim it regularly.

Invest in a beard trimmer – Investing in the proper equipment will make looking after your beard simpler and easier.

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