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The Best Beard Grooming Tips to Give to Your Clients (Pass these on now)

by hjiadmin / last updated September 6, 2019

beard grooming tips - man with beard and glasses

Whether your client sports a goatee or a full-flowing naval-grazing Viking beard, it’s essential to pass on beard grooming tips to keep your hirsute clients looking stylish and keep their hair healthy.

In celebration of World Beard Day this Saturday (yep, apparently it’s a ‘thing’!), OSMO brand ambassador, and barber to a multitude of footballers, Justin Carr has given his 5 top tips for cultivating and caring for a beard. It looks like the beard trend shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

1. It’s all in the brush
Justin suggests investing in a specially-designed beard brush to maintain the perfect facial hair. The specially-designed bristles of beard brushes are ideal for the upkeep of a well-groomed beard. We rate The Bluebeards Revenge Travel Beard Brush, which is now vegan!

2. Knots away
Whilst using a beard brush will definitely benefit the process of grooming a beard, the occurrence of knots is almost inescapable. Justin advises tackling knots using a comb to gently detangle them – this can make a beard look longer, too.

3. A wash a day
Daily washing is a must for those wishing to keep on top of their beard grooming. This will help to rid any bacterial build up in the beard after coming into contact with food, drink and general dirt over the course of the day. Johnny’s Chop Shop Beard Shampoo effectively cleans any beard debris, plus it contains olive oil to condition and nourish the beard.

4. Nourish to flourish
After washing a beard, it is important to keep it nourished and healthy. Justin recommends using OSMO Beard Complex throughout the beard to nourish any dry and damaged ends. Exclusive to salons, this conditioning oil is infused with Argan oil that is rich in Vitamins A and E to nourish hair and restore it to optimum condition.

5. Chop chop
Finally, Justin suggests that the beard should be trimmed regularly. Not only does this help to maintain the shape and sharpness of the look that the facial hair creates for a client, it can encourage healthy hair growth too.

Sharing beard grooming tips is a great way to emphasise your expertise as a men’s hairdresser or barber, so pass on this advice and share your knowledge with clients. Happy beard, happy client.

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