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5 Barbering Services That Will Boost Revenue

by charlottegw / last updated July 31, 2018

Man with Face Mask Barbering Add on Services

Gone are the days of simply offering a short-back-and-sides. Gents today demand a plethora of barbering services. Find out what’s going down a treat in these top businesses…

Face Profiling
“Face profiling is a technique I created to analyse a client’s face shape. It identifies ways to define and accentuate individual features and bone structure. We already offered in-depth consultations for every guest and it became obvious there was a need to offer this service and help guys understand the benefits of grooming. Face profiling gives us the opportunity to add on beard grooming and colour services and to recommend both beard and hair retail products that ensure the client can restyle and maintain their look at home.”
Christian Wiles, Christian Wiles Hairdressing, Northampton

Balayage for Men
“I’ve found that men are much more open to considering colour services, but it’s the type of colour technique that makes the difference. Balayage has become a popular service for men because it’s a fast colour service. It can be applied in private at the backwash, which helps to dispel any self-conscious feelings. My male balayage clients are usually 20 to 30 years old and their partners normally advise them to try the service. Once men try balayage they become converts as it’s low maintenance and natural looking. I’m offering on-demand men’s balayage training videos. It means stylists don’t need to travel for a course or take a day off work to learn. The best part is that you can watch it multiple times to perfect your technique.”
Jack Howard, Paul Edmonds, London
Video On Demand Men’s Balayage is available at and lifetime access is available for £50.

Threading for Brows and Beards
Following the successful roll-out of beard and hairline threading services across all Jacks of London stores, we now also offer eyebrow threading. It started as a complimentary add-on to see if it would be of interest. I personally carry out three or four eyebrow threading services a week, and I’m expecting that figure to rise. It’s a point of interest, and it’s an easy upsell for clients who previously had threading as part of their beard trim or haircut. Ultimately, it’s about building a rapport with your clients so you can reassure them and educate them. Social media and in-store marketing will help clients to realise that brow threading is a valid part of a guy’s grooming regime and will encourage them to try it out.”
Vivienne Howe, Jacks of London, Kingston

Pick n’ Mix Spa Treatments
“We offer our male clients traditional wet shaves, facials, nasal waxing, eyebrow shaping, eyelash and brow tinting, massages, Indian head massages, manicures and pedicures. It’s I’m a qualified beauty therapist so it made sense to offer a full package. I talk quite openly to men about their skin care and grooming regimes. I find they need a little direction and encouragement but when they see someone having a treatment, they want to try it too. We have a private treatment room to make our male clients feel comfortable getting their chosen treatments.”
Lynndy Rolfe, Hair by Lynndy, Northampton

Carbon Face Masks
“We give clients the option of having a carbon face mask after a haircut. It’s a face mask that cleanses the face and helps to remove dirt, grease and small black heads. We practice a hot cleansing technique before the mask is applied to ensure surface dirt from the skin is removed and the pores are open. Before introducing the face masks, our clients asked if we offered any other treatments apart from the hot towel, so I knew it was a good business opportunity. We charge £20 for the carbon mask on top of a haircut and we do around five to 10 a week.”
Myles Lewis, Stag and Dagger Barbering Co, Basildon

This article was originally published in the Autumn issue of HJ Men.

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