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This is How to Create an Award-Winning Mens Collection for the British Hairdressing Awards

by charlottegw / last updated April 13, 2021

Terri Kay and Andrea Giles were crowned 2020 Men’s Hairdressers of the Year at the British Hairdressing Awards, sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional, so we spoke to the duo to find out what it takes to produce an award-winning men’s collection. Here are their secrets…

Where do you find inspiration?
Firstly, we look at Milan, New York and London Fashion Weeks. If we spot a strong, visual trend, we consider how we might be able to deconstruct it. We also observe what’s happening on the street, both locally and nationally. Finally, we trawl through every major magazine and tear out anything we feel would be relevant before planning our mood boards.

How do you organise your thoughts?
We use social media platforms – we compiled three mood boards for this collection. They were separated into the following areas:
∞ Hair – any styles, finishes, textures and products that we love.
∞ Fashion – we always strive to shoot with a trend or current catwalk collection in mind. We really loved the butterfly suits from Alexander McQueen’s AW16 menswear collection.
∞ Mood, photography and lighting – we use different platforms to collate lighting techniques, textures and images to complement the mood and vibe of the shoot. We then liaise with our photographer to discuss the final concept.

Can you describe your journey throughout the competition?
Deciding to enter is the easy bit, coming up with concepts, finding models, photographers and fashion is where the work starts! We always begin with the brief, the rules and what the end goal of the entry will be and go from there.

What were the high points and low points of the creative journey?
Finding the right models was the hardest challenge. With so many competitions and entries happening it’s difficult to find unique models that won’t be in everyone else’s collections. There’s also the challenge of finding models that will let you achieve your brief in terms of style and cut. Luckily, we have great relationships with model agencies so it always works out. The rewarding part is the night before the shoot when everything is completely organised and we meet our team. It’s rewarding to see all of the prep fuse together.

Can you talk us through your final shoot?
The shoot was well organised, calm and very gratifying. We surrounded ourselves with creatives that have the same end goal, which was to produce an outstanding award-winning collection. All of the models were really easy to work with and everything just fitted into place perfectly.

What do your clients think about your win?
Winning creates a real buzz within the Mark Leeson salon and our clients are genuinely thrilled about our win. Some of them have been with us for a long time and are proud to go to an award-winning salon.

How will you use your shoot to build your profile this year?
This is our second consecutive win so we want to continue capitalising on what we’ve already achieved. We’ve always been involved with exciting projects that are separate to our everyday salon work. We’ll be working more closely in an ambassador role in the near future with a major men’s brand so that will open up more opportunities. We already travel around the world with the Mark Leeson Art Team but we’ll be involved in lots of shows in and out of the UK. Our aim is to continue representing men’s hairdressing to the best of our ability.

Inspired? Find out how to enter HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards, sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional here.

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