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Retain Clients with Customer Loyalty Programmes

by bathamm / March 19, 2010

Sarah-Cross.jpgClient retention is vital to the success of any hairdressing business, says Sarah Cross. So, what can you do to encourage clients to engage with your salon and visit more frequently?

Be innovative

Don’t offer a ‘me too’ points programme – we’re all fed up of loyalty cards that force us to pick tedious rewards from catalogues. Think brand clubs – your virtual community of followers; VIP mobile applications or personalised points programmes. Dare to be different and you’ll capture people’s imaginations.

Get personal

Don’t speak to all your clients in the same way. Analyse your data; look at how often your client base has been visiting your salon over the past 12 months? Split clients into highly loyal, loyal and neutral categories and don’t forget about those lapsed customers that haven’t been in for six months.  Get the most out of your booking and client management software; use the data you have as well as the knowledge from your staff.

Group incentives

Communicate differently with each group, for example your neutral clients might just visit every 12 weeks, identify those clients in that group that visited eight weeks ago, and encourage them to visit in within the next seven days.

Relevant methods

Email and mobile messages will keep you at the forefront of mind in between visits. Don’t forget about sending personalised notes, for occasions like birthdays or to thank a client who has recommended a friend.

Perfect partners

Partner with a local restaurant to give them a free meal will extend your brand experience.  It’s also about creating some excitement and not devaluing your brand by discounting – people never remember what they spent their ‘saved’ money on.



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