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Should you Offer a Hair Spa Treatment in your Salon?

by charlottegw / last updated September 25, 2018

Hair spa treatment

The UK spa market is valued at over £1.5 billion, according to Spa Creators Spa Analysis (2016), and more than six million consumers visit spas every year so there is a huge retail opportunity for creating a hair spa treatment your salon.

En Route Hair & Beauty’s hair spa in Wakefield has decided to provide clients with a space to unwind and an opportunity for stylists to boost their income with their hair spa treatment selection.

The salon’s owner Melenie Tudor recognised this opportunity early on. She launched an in-salon hair spa in 2015. This year, the spa has undergone a makeover and added new services to its menu.

“I recognised that having an in-salon hair spa would be a point of difference,” says Melenie. She adds that it’s something that really gets her clients talking with word of mouth recommendations. However, offering a range of hair spa treatments is a great way of adding value to the salon’s services and allows her stylists to increase their income.

“It’s a quick way of making more money as a business, while adding value to a client’s experience in the salon.”

Their hair spa treatment room is a small but cleverly-planned space. It is housed in former beauty rooms at the back of the salon. “We used to offer beauty services,” explains Melenie. “But when we talked to our clients, we found that they preferred quick fix treatments like nails and lashes, and the beauty rooms weren’t being maximised.”

With that in mind, the team set about transforming the existing two beauty rooms into one luxurious haven, separated from the rest of the salon by noise-cancelling glass doors. The walls are painted graphite, including the ceiling to create what Melenie describes as “a total cocoon”. A feature wall opposite the basins is covered with soothing images, all of which are designed for use in relaxation spaces.

Backwash units feature a shiatsu massage function, while scented candles and soothing music enhance the feeling of relaxation. Once clients are seated, they’re covered with cosy blankets and misted with essential oils, so they’re ready to be fully pampered during one of salon menu treatments.

All of this sounds heavenly for clients, but it’s a benefit for the salon too. Treatments last a maximum of 15 minutes and add between £5 to £15 to a client bill. “It’s a quick way of making more money as a business, while adding value to a client’s experience in the salon,” says Melenie. “Even if they’re just having their colour washed off, this is an easy add-on service, and shows that we aren’t taking our clients for granted.”

Melenie says her salon, which is based in Wakefield is the only salon in the Yorkshire region to offer a hair spa service. The salon with support from its product partner Schwarzkopf Professional, is equipped with the right products to provide the service. “We came up with our own menu of treatments,” explains Melenie. “We offer both holistic and prescriptive services for the spa. The prescriptive treatments are bespoke to each client, but can include colour protection and solutions.” These services start at just £5 for the client.

Regular in-house training ensures the team are up-to-date with latest techniques, and the menu changes regularly to ensure clients are benefiting from the latest products with a service that still feels special.

“The prescriptive treatments are bespoke to each client, but can include colour protection and solutions.”

Encouraging stylists to upsell services can be a challenge, but it’s one that Melenie has tackled by helping her team to understand that it’s about working smarter, not harder.

“I encourage the team to treat their column as their own business,” she explains. “This service is an easy money maker as clients love it. You’re only adding 15 minutes to a service, but you’re walking away with an extra £15 in your pocket. It’s a simple way for them to increase their income, which is how we encourage them to see it.”

How to create a hair spa experience…

Melenie offers holistic services for a more typical luxury spa-like experience, with Indian head massage and a full 15-minute pampering service. “We introduced the new Schwarzkopf Professional Oil Ultime treatments to the hair spa with a full pampering massage, aromatherapy mists and snuggly blankets for the clients to relax under while they enjoy their essential oil treatment,” explains Melenie.

This article originally appeared in the July issue of Hairdressers Journal.

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