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Finding a Stylist for Your Photoshoot

by rachael / last updated March 1, 2012

Finding a Stylist for Your Photoshoot

Finding the right stylist for your hair shoot is one of the most important factors – the right clothes will make or break an image and can make the difference between complementing your hair look and distracting from it completely.

It’s important to work with a stylist who understands your brief, has a wide network of contacts and has experience working on photoshoots – preferably with hair shoots.

A perfect outfit should complement the hair you’ve created as well as with the makeup and general theme of the collection. Clothes can enhance the look or add an extra dimension, but should never distract from the overall hairstyle you’ve created.

Choosing the right stylist for your photoshoot

Having an interest in fashion isn’t enough to make a great stylist, although being aware of trends and having contacts in the industry can obviously be beneficial. A friend who is always well-dressed isn’t necessarily qualified to style models for a photoshoot – as with makeup and photography, experience and an awareness of what works on camera is what’s needed to create a fantastic overall image.

You may well have an idea of how you want the models to appear, so look through magazines and fashion blogs and put together a moodboard of inspirational imagery at the same time as you’re planning the hairstyles you’re going to create. It’s good to have a general idea of the clothes, colours and shapes that you want to work with, although bear in mind that when you speak to a professional stylist, they may have other ideas about what would work best.

The best way to find a reputable stylist that is willing to work on a hair shoot is to flick through magazines like HJ and check the credits of shoots that you like – even if the exact style isn’t what you want to emulate, if the general mood appeals to you it’s worth noting their name down.

You can also look through fashion glossies or online fashion resources like Fashion Gone Rogue, but bear in mind these stylists may be based elsewhere in the world and may be more expensive.

Personal recommendations are also invaluable – speak to your photographer and makeup artist to see who they have used in the past, or ask other hairdressers who they’ve worked with successfully. When you work on shows or attend seminars, make sure you network and speak to other hairdressers or industry insiders to find out which stylists they suggest too.

Make the most of social networking too – a simple tweet asking for stylists is bound to result in responses and if you use Facebook as a business network you can add plenty of stylists as you start to prepare.

Check out our list below of some well-known stylists that work in the hairdressing industry.


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