Music Licensing for Hair Salons Made Clear

by rachael / June 24, 2014

Music Licensing for Hair Salons Made Clear

Music licensing for hair salons can be confusing, but authorising body PPL has just released a fun new film to make things easier, in collaboration with PRS for Music.

The film, narrated by DJ Lauren Laverne, aims to help make the licensing process both clearer and more transparent. It also clarifies the differences between PPL and PRS for Music, the members each organisation represents, and explores the benefits of music to the business sector.

Hair salons often rely on music to set the mood, but they’re amongst the biggest offenders in terms of not holding a licence. The film includes an interview with salon owner Louise Robinson, who reveals just how important music is in their business and how they ensure it’s licensed correctly.

Paul Clements, director of public performance sales at PRS for Music comments: “We hope that the business community will find the video a helpful resource in showing how music can be used to benefit their company whilst also educating those who are responsible for the legal affairs of the organisation on music licencing requirements.”

Watch the film and find out more about how you can get licensed here!



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