Would you Move to Increase your Salary as a Hairdresser?

by lydiah / last updated February 13, 2020


A recent survey has found that, on average, across the UK, a hairdresser earns a yearly salary of £17,270, low in comparison to other countries analysed such as Saudi Arabia, which was ranked first with hairdressers there earning £53,323 – more than a £35k difference.

The next highest paying country for hairdressers to reside was China who ranked second, earning £47,897 and Thailand ranking third with £42,162.

The statistics that are listed vary due to the wealth of the country or the population of the region, which would mean more demand for salon services.

With this in mind, would you consider moving your salon to a different location with the potential to earn a much higher wage?

Relocating your business to Saudi Arabia or China might be quite a stretch, however a country that is close to home like France, where hairdressers earn an additional £20k compared to hairdressers living in the UK, could be an option. French hairdressers earn an average of £37,450 a year.

However despite these statistics, hairdressers in the UK seem to be satisfied with their wage and would only move abroad to improve their creative craft and not increase their financial income.

Darragh Holmes, barber at MOD, a salon based in Leeds said: “I’m fairly happy with my salary at the moment as I am self-employed, which offers a higher pay but is less reliable and doesn’t come with incentives such as multiple paid education courses. It’s a good position to be in for someone new to the industry.”

Darrah continues: “I have always been interested in travelling and working abroad and having the skills and qualifications to cut hair almost makes that easier, as it is in somewhat demand everywhere outside the UK due to our (mostly high) level of training.”

Daniel Couch, head of colour at Russell Eaton said: “I am extremely lucky to work for a salon who place great importance on education and development. These core values mean they maximise on our earning potential and wage, which reflects my company’s respect for their team members. It’s a great place to work.”

Luke Benson, session stylist and creative director at Luke Benson Hair said: “Firstly, I am very content with my current salary and earning potential. I have been freelance hairdresser and doing session work full time for almost 3 years. Earning potential is a funny one really, if you’re happy it is easy to rest on your laurels, but I’m too scared of the work diminishing.”

Claire Miles, CEO of Yell said: “Our aim is to help small business owners from across the UK make the most out of their choice of trade. We aim to aid those who may be thinking of relocating, with as much insight as possible as to the salaries and expenses they can expect across the world.”

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