How to Work with a Brand – Mathew Watt x Akito Scissors

by akesha / last updated August 24, 2018

Mathew Watt

Working with brands is a big part of establishing yourself as an authoritative voice in hairdressing – in this series we talk to stylists that have formed a partnership with huge brands, how they did it and why it works…

Akito Scissors had seen Mathew Watt’s work on social media and then built up their relationship from there.

Don’t try and copy anyone else. Put out great content that is consistent and true to you. By doing this you are guaranteed to attract the brands that match your values and direction.

Work with a brand that shares your values and direction. You really need to be sure that your ambitions and goals match that of the brand. Don’t become an ambassador for the sake of it – make sure it’s the right brand for you.

The Akito brand is very ambitious and has the same drive as me. We also have similar ideas for future projects.

Being a brand ambassador can help to build client trust and loyalty. If they know you are respected within your industry and with your peers they will have instant confidence in what you do. For me, someone who loves to cut hair, being ambassador for a great scissor company lets my clients know I’m known in the industry for being good at my job.

This article originally appeared in the May 2018 issue of Hairdressers Journal. To subscribe click below.

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