Why Waste Profit When Tech Can Help?

by charlottegw / last updated October 27, 2021

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The struggle for profit is relentless. Even when there are clients queuing up for expensive services, it doesn’t translate into as much money in the bank as expected. That’s because, unwittingly, many salons are letting 15% of their colour income walk out the door unpaid for, while up to 40% of costly product is washed down the sink. The key to stopping that drain on profits is to get technical.

Stop pouring away profits

Mix up too much colour and it ends up getting thrown away or over-applied to the hair. Those few grams might not look like much, but added together the cost translates to thousands of pounds wasted.  The key to reducing colour waste is to track  precisely what is used. Vish Colour Management shows you exactly where the money goes. “We are saving A LOT of money on product waste,” says salon owner Karine Jackson.

Time costs money

Every day, stylists waste time searching colour records for clients, but with Vish, there is a long record of client formulas, with exact quantities used linked to the client. “All our colour combinations are saved automatically, no more loss of client colour notes,” says Jackson.

The misery of missed services

It’s easy for a stylist to mix up extra colour or add an additional toner during a service, and then fail to let the front of house team know. It’s not always their fault; they may have forgotten or been too busy to explain. Or perhaps they felt uncomfortable putting additional costs on the bill.

But when you have technology that automatically adds every gram of product to the appointment history, the front of house team can charge accurately. Vish data shows that salons see a 15% uplift in revenue within the first 90 days after installation, simply from capturing all services.

Find out how much you could be saving:

About Vish

Vish Ltd is the industry’s leading colour management software, which includes a suite of systems that effortlessly revolutionises how salons and stylists run their colour business. Based in Toronto, Canada, and available for use worldwide, Vish was created to help salon owners and colourists solve the universal problems facing the hair colour industry – colour waste, ambiguous pricing, and profit margins. Data-driven and intelligently automated, Vish is integrated with multiple point-of-sale systems, giving complete ease to the entire team.

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This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Vish.

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