Why Lady Gaga’s Ocean Blonde Hair Is A Sign of the Times

by charlottegw / last updated September 16, 2020

lady gaga

Lady Gaga debuted so-called Ocean Blonde this month and hair experts are predicting a wave of clients eager to try something new after months of grown out roots, faded colour and restrictive lives.

Created by Joico celebrity guest artist Frederic Aspiras the mermaid look has been popping up on the pop stars’ feed since 14 August and her fans are going mad for the hue.

Named Suzie’s Ocean Blonde, the shade actually has a sad story behind it. Colour chameleon Lady Gaga explained on her page:

“Rocking color by @fredericaspiras named after his mother who just passed…Suzie’s Ocean Blonde. I love you Freddie.”

What a lovely tribute!


Why are people choosing more creative colour post-lockdown?

In terms of the impact on the wider colour industry, Paul Dennison, colour director at Ken Picton, has a theory on why people are looking to push the boundaries post-lockdown.

He says: “Because a lot of people are still working from home and not going into the office they’re not feeling as much pressure to conform to the norm so they’re making bolder choices.”

Similarly, Dan Mewies of Mewies & Co thinks people have grown more rebellious post-lockdown. “I think a lot of clients have gone so long without having hair appointments they have become rebellious,” he explains.

“We have found clients have realised that a colour change isn’t as scary as they imagined pre-lockdown and are more open to embracing new looks.”

After such a dramatic time, change is afoot in all aspects of life – even with colour. “With freedom taken away it’s given many the chance to completely embrace that time and focus on what they wish to achieve after this life changing time,” says Dan Spiller, JOICO colour ambassador for Europe, the UK and Ireland.

The star Ocean Blonde products

Pigmented shampoos are perfect for experimentation without the commitment. Anne Veck, owner of Anne Veck Hair in Oxford, rates Davines Alchemic range: “It contains a system of shampoos and conditioners with pure pigments that can intensify and brighten both natural and cosmetic colour. This is non-permanent colour that gives you free rein to experiment without worrying about long-term effects. The six tones can be creatively mixed together, or used separately to maintain and enhance natural and cosmetic colour.”

When it comes to creative colour in post-pandemic times, development time is a big consideration. “I love the Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA VIBRANCE range,” says Suzie McGill, Rainbow Room International artistic director. “With so many different options it’s perfect for creating bright bold colours on clients. With luminous and vibrant colour results that last up to 25 washes and only take 5-20 minutes development time, meaning colour can be created quickly during appointment times.”

Colour aftercare

With non-natural hair colours like Lady Gaga’s Ocean Blonde, making sure clients look after their hair at home is essential.

Marcello Moccia, owner of Room 97 Creative, Leeds and Wakefield, has launched an innovative way to deliver aftercare: “We launched our online shop to make purchasing their products easier, especially if they can’t make it into the salon. A colour protect shampoo and conditioner such as Kerastase Blond Absolu Bain Lumiere Shampoo and Blond Absolu Cicaflash Treatment will protect and enhance blonde hair.”

For Kevin Paul Finnell, Creative Director, F&M Hairdressing, TIGI Custom Care Shampoo and Conditioner is a winner. “Our team and colour clients swear by this,” he explains. “Not only does it keep the colour vibrant, it also acts as a conditioner to prevent dryness and protects the hair from the elements.”

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