Who Do Hairdressers Trust to Cut Their Own Hair?

by charlottegw / last updated November 26, 2020

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Have you ever wondered who cuts their hair of the top hairdressers in the industry? From the sleek style of Sally Brooks, to the curly locks of Patrick Cameron, we asked hairdressers to reveal who they trust to chop their tresses.

Carolyn Newman“For over 10 years, Marc Trinder from Trinder Hair Studios has always cut my hair. He just knows what works for me and it lasts for ages. My hair is fine and very straight and really needs a technical haircut. I mainly have the same shape just variations on the style. My hair was last coloured beautifully by Abi Ringel at Hunter Collective. After being platinum blonde for over 25 years, I am now back to my natural colour with a strong blonde face frame. I am very lucky not to have any greys yet!” – Carolyn Newman

Tracey Devine-Smith “I personally hate having my hair cut, which usually means it rarely gets done. I often cut my own hair. My problem is I know exactly how I like it and it is hard to find someone to cut it my way. That said, I do have an old friend in Scotland who I personally trained called Gillian McDonald – I would fly around the world to her to cut my hair into the perfect bob.” – Tracey Devine-Smith


Karen Thomson​”At KAM Hair and Body Spa, we have so many talented stylists in our team who I trust with my hair. Tori Ellis, our salon creative director, is one of my go to people when I need my hair coloured. Tori is such a talented hairdresser who has worked with me backstage at London Fashion Week and is a finalist for this years British Hairdressing Awards Newcomer of the Year category. If I’m also looking to add some thickness or length to my hair I also go to Tori, as she’s one of our hair extension specialists in the salon. I trust any of the team to cut my hair but often they go running at the thought of it, why do hairdressers do that I just love to sit down and get a hair cut like anyone else.” – Karen Thomson

Brian Leo McCallum “When it comes to hair, I am passionate about details as I’m sure all of my fellow hairdressers are. However, when it comes to my own hair I am more than happy to let my team practice. Most hairdressers straight out of training won’t have much barbering experience, so I always let a member of my team who are working on there skills loose on the bosses hair- as a final assessment, of course!” – Brian ‘Leo’ McCallum


Let Lew“I can honestly say that I would trust Charlie Cullen to cut my hair with his eyes shut. He is so fashion influenced and has great experience working with mens hair that my full trust is placed in him! He is also incredibly creative!” – Let Lew



Sheree PR pic“For me I know how important it is to learn and gain experience in all different hair types, therefore I am happy for any of my staff or apprentices to cut my hair as it really benefits them with their training and education. However if they are unavailable to cut my hair I always turn to my sister Zoe – I love being a client!” – Sheree Thompson


sally brooks“As a hairdresser we all know that getting your own hair done is the biggest headache! I usually get my hair cut in about 10 minutes. Luckily I only have about three hairs! For me, it’s a matter of getting it washed, sitting down and whoever is free literally gets 10 mins to cut off the bottom and put it back into shape. I’m lucky because we have amazing hairdressers in our salon, so I’m not fussy about who cuts my hair. I am also known to randomly cut bits off myself when my client is being washed! As a grey-haired person my roots are more of an issue, but I trust anyone in the salon to do them for me.” – Sally Brooks

jordanna cobella“My mum (Beverley C) and my international art director Adam Smith cut my hair at Cobella. My best friend James Earnshaw colours my hair.” – Jordanna Cobella


Patrick cameron“Curly-haired people are often cautious about getting their haircut. When they find a hairdresser they bond with they stick with them. I am no different – my artistic director Marco Erbi has been my hairdresser for over 25 years. He listens and either interprets my requests perfectly or he might say ‘let’s try something new’ and creates a fantastic style that suits me. Finding the right hairdresser is so important. I’m so lucky I have found the best!”- Patrick Cameron

karine jackson“Quite often I cut my own hair or I enlist the help of my curl specialist in Karine Jackson Hair & Beauty.” – Karine Jackson



patrick wilson“This is a question I get asked all the time on set! The answer is my assistant Hannah Harrison. We worked in a salon together in Liverpool and then both made the move to London. Hannah is a really talented colourist and works at Bleach London in Soho. Like most session stylists I find it hard to make the time to get your own hair done. I’m that annoying client that is either really last minute booking an appointment or the one that has to cancel if a job comes in.” – Patrick Wilson

Georgia bellWayne Washington from Trevor Sorbie cuts my hair. He’s a close friend of mine and every minute we are together it’s a scream! Even throughout my haircut we never stop laughing and he knows what I want every time.” – Georgia Bell


siobahn jonesJames Bickmore from my salon Rose & Wild has been cutting my hair for about a year and a half now. Prior to that I was chipping bits of myself, but when you do that for too long it gets out of shape and dry! I should have known that!” – Siobhan Jones


suzie mcgill“Emma Jane Fraser cuts my hair. She is the art director in my salon, she’s fabulous and she is also a Schwarzkopf Colour Master! She does thee best fringes.” – Suzie McGill

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