This is What the Perfect Hair Appointment Should Look Like

by charlottegw / last updated October 21, 2020

perfect hair appointment

From the consultation to the final goodbyes, Rainbow Room International has a set 10-step formula that never fails to leave the customer with a smile on their face.

But first, we asked co-owner of RRI, Linda Stewart what how the 10 steps came about …

How long have you been training staff in the 10 steps?
We have always done a consultation for over 40 years in hairdressing, however it has changed and evolved over the years. We have been doing the 10 step consultation for over 25 years.

What’s the story behind the 10 steps, how did the process come about?
We have always recognised that communication is everything and laying out a process helps the stylists to keep on track and get as much information from the client to then design the correct hairstyle for them. We also always have had a focus on the full service visit and all of our stylists are trained in both cutting and colouring and every stylist has been trained to complete their Masters colour degree. By introducing colour through consultation to the clients on their first visit (if they have not booked in for colour) it is a way of suggesting what they may have in future visits. We also do a porosity and elasticity test on the hair to determine the correct products for their hair and a suitable home hair care regime.

What results have they seen since adopting the 10 step consultation?
The results are that we have a high percentage of clients having colour and treatments and this in turn increases the loyalty of the clientele.

So without further ado, here are the 10 steps to follow for a perfect hair appointment:

1.       Welcome – make sure the reception greeting is warm and friendly.

2.       Consultation – explain exactly what you are doing to do (steps 2 through to 9), listen to clients needs and design the look.

3.       Shiatsu – create an ultimate relaxing experience for your client – always introduce assistant to client and explain what products you used.

4.       Commentary cutting – Explain the step-by-steps of the process, make sure to describe any special texturising techniques, including why you are doing it and what effect it will achieve.​

5.       Colour consultation – recommend colour to complement the hairstyle and explain skin tone and colours to complement (clothes and make-up).

6.       Hands on – coach your client in how to apply the right product (before styling) and then show them how they can work with dryer and brushes and applying the right product at home.

7.       Recap – sit down, give them eye contact and recap steps 4, 5 and 6

8.       Shopping – invite client to the salon shop and ask them what products they would you like to take home today.

9.       Re-book – offer your client their next recommended appointment and give them your business card.

10.   Compliment – Always say thank you for visiting Rainbow Room and encourage them to use their rewards.


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