Women Feel Sexier After Professional Hair Colour Service

by Matthew Batham / May 17, 2017

As part of the Wella Professionals’ #stylistsdoitbetter campaign, to find out more about the growth of the colour market, the brand has issued A Statement Of Colour, a report that provides an in-depth insight into the hair colouring habits of women across the UK.

The report reveals there is huge room for boosting colour services within salons. Although 65% of respondents credited a professional hair colour as a massive confidence boost, 94% of women admit to home colouring their hair themselves, with a further four fifths revealing that it wasn’t just a one-off. On a more positive note for hairdressing professionals, 76% don’t think their efforts live up to the same standard as a salon service.

More interesting statistics unveiled through A Statement of Colour revealed:

  • Over a year, women spend £138 on colouring their hair at home, compared to £156 in salon, a mere difference of just £18.
  • 25% of women feel sexier after a professional colour treatment whereas only 9% of those that reach for the home hair colour feel sexy, and only one in eight tend to be happy with the overall outcome.

Jayson Gray, from the Wella Professionals Colour Club, said: “Hair is a great extension of our personality and there is so much we can do to show it off. Through the Wella Professionals colour product ranges and bespoke consultations, we can ensure we’re providing the women of the UK with the best advice and professional treatments.”



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