WeDo/: The Sustainable Hair Brand That Helps You Do Your Bit For The Planet

by eleanor / last updated January 4, 2022


Looking for a professional yet sustainable hair range for your salon? Good hair care needn’t cost the Earth, so weDo/Professional has you covered.

weDo/ Professional is an eco-ethical haircare brand on a mission to help people transition to a happier, healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. weDo/ continues to discover new ways to decrease the use of plastic in their packaging and the overall waste in beauty routines while offering consumers a range to suits all hair types and hair concerns.

weDo/ has announced new sustainable advances to decrease packaging waste with the launch of the new Refill Pouches. They are among the first in the market to be recyclable and made from 25% recycled plastic material, using 80% less plastic per ml.

The Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask weDo/ Pouches are the ideal sustainable solution for people who prefer liquid shampoos and conditioners. Consumers can use the shampoo pouch to refill their bottle at home, including their mask pouch to refill their mask jar as well.

All of the ranges are available from Light & Soft for fine hair, Moisture & Shine for normal hair and Rich & Repair for damaged hair, so there is a perfect weDo/ range for all your clients.

To help weDo/’s partners and hairdressers transition to a more sustainable backwash, weDo/ offers a Salon Exclusive Accessory to use with Pouches in salon, the New Recharge Station. Elegantly designed for practical use, the custom frame system is constructed with a recyclable frame using 92% recycled plastic. It is easy to use and by refilling and removing empty pouches with no mess at the basin.

weDo/ takes further initiative to decrease the impact consumers have on the planet by partnering with Plastic Bank to help fight ocean plastic while alleviating poverty. For every weDo/ product purchased, 8 plastic bottles are collected and removed from the environment.

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