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Are You Following These US Hairdressers’ Instagram Accounts? (You Should Be)

by hjiadmin / last updated July 4, 2019

Get inspiration from the Instagram accounts of these US hairdressers. They are a must-follow for backstage insights, trend-led looks, tutorials and beautifully curated feeds. Happy Independence Day!

Name: Jen Atkin
Followers: 3M
Known for: Her modern looks on Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen and Bella Hadid. Founder of the Insta-worthy business, Ouai Haircare, and the one responsible for everyone obsessing over the ‘lob’.
Follow for: Insights into the life of a hair stylist and serious travel inspiration.
Most likely to post: Honest snapshots of her busy schedule, her friends and work on Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber.

Name: Kristin Ess
Followers: 540k
Known for: Her wavy, soft and natural hairstyles on A-list celebrities.
Follow for: Beautifully curated feed in warm tones and colours, as well as photographs of her office puppies.
Most likely to post: Her hair-care line of 15 products and hairstyles of her A-list clientele; including Lucy Hale, Jenna Dewan and Lili Reinhart.

Name: Kim Kimble
Followers: 469k
Known for: Her natural hair movement techniques.
Follow for: Photographs and videos of her exciting projects like the upcoming American musical drama film adaption of the Lion King.
Most likely to post: Her hairstyles on celebrities such as Beyonce, Zendaya and Niki Minaj.

Name: Chris McMillan
Followers: 247k
Known for: The man behind ‘the Rachel’ haircut and Michelle Williams’s sharp pixie cut.
Follow for: Uplifting, unfiltered snapshots of his personal life and work environment.
Most likely to post: Row by row posts of his work on celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Kris Jenner and Ellen Degeneres.

Name: Marissa Marino
Followers: 154k
Known for: Her refreshing, summery techniques and intricately designed hairstyles.
Follow for: Photographs from high profile red carpet events and editorial shoots.
Most likely to post: An online portfolio of her work with celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham.

Name: Ted Gibson
Followers: 185k
Known for: Creating gorgeous, luminous and sexy hair.
Follow for: Artfully crafted, high octane red carpet looks.
Most likely to post: A behind the scenes glimpse of his glamorous life.

Name: Jesus Guerrero
Followers: 106k
Known for: Creating long and glamorous hairstyles for celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Shay Mitchell and Jessica Alba.
Follow for: Beach inspired waves, editorial shoots and red carpet events.
Most likely to post: Selfies of his clients and fun insights from shoots.

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@ShayMitchell 🌊 Wavy.

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Name: Mara Roszak
Followers: 73.4k
Known for: The woman behind Cara Delevingne’s magical pixie crop looks and Emma Stone’s go-to hairstylist.
Follow for: Some of the most creative looks to hit the red carpet.
Most likely to post: Glamorous red carpet images of her A-list clients, including Lily Collins, Brie Larson and Elle Fanning.

Name: Mark Townsend
Followers: 73.2k
Known for: Creating the effortless, cool girl waves the Olsen Twins are always seen sporting.
Follow for: His hairstyles creations and insight into his personal life.
Most likely to post: Elegant updos and wavy hairstyles on a number of celebrities, including Dakota Johnson, Mila Kunis and Elizabeth Olsen.

Name: Sally Hershberger
Followers: 48.8k
Known for: Creating Meg Ryan’s signature haircut, the 1996’s ‘Sally Shag’.
Follow for: Her distinct voluminous and textured style, that dominated the fashion magazines of that era.
Most likely to post: Landscapes, throwback pictures and celebrities’ selfies from the hairdressing chair.

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🖤💫💛Gorgeous Jimmy😎#sallyhershberger24k

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Lead image via @marissa.marino Instagram

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