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The Small Ways Clients Can Update their Look Without Cutting or Colouring

by akesha / last updated June 3, 2019

All hairdressers have had that client that insists they want to change their look but don’t want to change colour. And don’t even mention cutting anything drastic. So how do give them something new and make them feel great without changing much about their overall look?

We asked Belle Cannan, co-founder of Salon Sloane, for advice for giving clients that change they want…

Try a hair gloss or treatment

If they’re not ready to dye their hair then go for a clear gloss instead. Glosses make your hair super shiny, help repair damage and can enhance natural colour.

A treatment is also an option. At Salon Sloane we offer clients this new and bespoke Hair Filler treatment. The regenerative treatment includes the purest form of 100% Hydrolyzed Keratin, comprising of hair-enhancing proteins and minerals which penetrate the hair shaft. The in-salon treatment works to repair the cuticles and refills the keratin which has reduced over time, so hair is left unbelievably shiny, soft and strong, with an exquisite, polished lustre.

Freshen with a trim

Freshening up your style with a regular trim is a simple tweak that can make to transform your look. I advise my clients to stick to the prevailing six- to eight-week rule – it’s long enough to let your hair grow for length and short enough to keep face-framing pieces in place.

Opt for the other side

Changing your clients parting can make a big difference to their face shape and the volume of their hair.

Cut into the outline

If you have bob length hair you can give it a more choppy feel by cutting into the outline. This is a super blunt cut with no layers; instead the movement comes from the graduated length (it’s shorter at the back). Style with loose waves and plenty of salt spray to get that perfect beachy look.

Add a dash of colour

Colouring to frame the face or contour the face with ombre lights will enhance the cut and skin tone – keep the ends at least half a shade lighter than the roots if it’s an all over colour.

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