It’s All Change for Trevor Sorbie’s Live Show at Salon International

by akesha / October 12, 2017

trevor sorbie lead

After years of being centre stage at his shows and seminars at Salon International, this year it’s all change for Trevor Sorbie. Instead of presenting solely, he’ll be joined by his talented artistic team live on stage.

“The highlight of my show and seminar career has been my one man shows at Salon Live. This year, 15 years later it’s all change! To be back on stage after all these years, with such a talented group of people is giving me the same buzz and excitement I had all of those years ago,” says Trevor. Here he exclusively talks about what each of them will be bringing to the stage this weekend.

Tom – “Tom has been my Artistic Director for over a year and has developed the concept for our show. He’ll be demonstrating he’s incredible and unique approach to haircutting.”

Mai – “Mai is our Artistic Director for our Manchester salon and will be offering a totally new take on Avant Garde hair. She’s one of the most beautiful and tasteful hairdressers I have ever worked with.”

Tizi – “Tiziana has been with the company for over 15 years and will be demonstrating a colour technique inspired by Jackson Pollack, a completely artistic approach you’re going to need to see.”

Trevor Sorbie Salon

Nathan – “Nathan is my longest standing team member and has been with us for over 20years. Even after all this time he continues to develop innovative new ways in colouring hair. He’s technique for this show is something I have personally never seen before.”

John – “John approaches colour using an easel and a canvas, treating each colour techniques as if he was painting a picture. Taking inspiration from his everyday life from his Adidas obsession, to the way material is stitched together, his work is instantly recognisable.”

Ryan – “As Head of Education for Covent Garden, Ryan’s strengths lie in his hair cutting. His look for this show is a cool, commercial haircut with a unique detail, you’ll need to be there to hear him explain on the day!”

James – “James will be bringing one of the most iconic haircuts of all time up to date for 2017. It’s a reference everyone will instantly recognise but executed in a way, that feels so right for today and truly inspirational.”

Zak – “I always advise my team to keep their antenna up and always keep looking for ideas. Zak’s colour look epitomises this approach. This idea came to him while he was in the gym and to see the development of this idea is very interesting, something the audience will certainly enjoy!”

Jo-  Johanna’s Avant Garde work is truly inspirational, which is why she was my perfect choice to create the finale piece for this show. This is one show you absolutely do not want to miss!”

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