Tracey Devine-Smith on Life as an Ambassador and Director

by kieran / last updated January 12, 2022

Tracey Devine-Smith

Defined by a drive to share knowledge, Tracey Devine-Smith, global ambassador for ASP and owner of French and Ivi, talks taking on the industry on her own terms.

How did you begin your career?

As a proud 1980’s apprentice in a very small local salon in Elgin, Scotland, the first skill I ever mastered was the art of barbering, meaning I can perform an amazing flat top.

What have you learnt as a global ambassador?

Since joining ASP in 2013 as global ambassador, I have conducted scores of seminars, shows and presentations around the world and I am a regular on stage at top hairdressing events. It has been imperative for me to learn how to pass knowledge on simply, as well as how to be able to delegate effectively. Working alongside other talented artists on the ambassador team has also been a dream, and collaboration and teamwork is key.

Which role is the most challenging: global ambassador, creative director or art director?

My role as global art director of photoshoots is the biggest challenge I revel in, simply because the company relies solely on me to ensure the hair looks immaculate in imagery for packaging to sell their amazing products all over the world. It’s very rewarding seeing your work globally, but it’s a huge responsibility which I take very seriously. It’s worth every minute of the worry before a shoot when you see the product on the shelf.

Who is your greatest inspiration?

My Dad – he’s an angel. The most important life lesson he taught me is to simply never give up on anything. He is the strongest yet most sensitive person I know, which is something I admire.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the industry?

Be kind and always make time for people, it won’t be forgotten. I would also say beware of envy. It can be very tempting to compare how you measure up against someone else, but this just takes away your focus on your own performance.

4 key moments in Tracey’s career:

2013 – Became ASP ambassador

2014 – Sold salons and turned attention to session work

2020 – Opened French and Ivi with a ‘clear vision’, Now Tracey’s only salon

2021 – Became ASP global ambassador

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