Time flies…

by / July 15, 2010

It has been anther very busy few weeks and can’t believe we are nearly in August! The last month has been filled with welcoming a host of new attendees to the HOB Academy as they fly in from around the globe including Spain and Italy to embrace HOB’s unique teaching approach, as well as doing our photographic shoots in preparation for the 2010 British Hairdressing Awards and of course my HAIRraising commitments continue on.   

The end of last month saw me invited, alongside some of the biggest names in British hairdressing, to the House of Commons for their annual Hair Council Luncheon. As a guest on the day, I was asked to give a speech about the importance of State Registration for hairdressers and then enjoyed the lovely meal served to us as we showed our support for this new legislation.

HOB_Ruilsip_HAIRraising_Day.jpgA few days later, as temperatures soared into the 30’s and the England team exited the World Cup, I was at HOB Salons Ruislip for the co-founders HAIRraising day. Held on Sunday 27th June, it was great to see all the team getting in the spirit by donning fancy dress and I even brought my two sons along to enjoy the fun and games at the salon of the day. Raising over £1,200 on the Sunday alone, the team really did a great job and made it a true success!

With only 6 weeks more fundraising left to go as the August HAIRraising closing date nears, for those of you that are keen to get behind this great appeal but have not had the chance to yet, now is the time to make your donation! Every little helps so try to dig deep!

I’m in Leeds today as I continue my work as the Global Brand Ambassador for ghd but onPicture 008.jpg Monday got the chance to see some of the rising talent coming through the industry at Fellowship Member’s Night. I remember when Clive, Paul and I first started out and Ann Herman gave us the chance to also present our ideas on stage. It is daunting but equally very exciting so it was lovely to be there and see the growing creativity in our industry first hand. After being interviewed on stage by Terry Calvert, I finally enjoyed a day off on Tuesday but with a hectic schedule taking me to Italy this weekend to teach an Advanced Creatives course alongside Darren Bain, I guess it is true what they say, there really is no rest for the wicked!


Until next time x



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