Three Client Conversations You Can Easily Turn into Extra Revenue

by charlottegw / May 2, 2018


Structure is key to helping you and your team start, continue and ultimately lead a money-making conversation with your clients. Salon consultant Ryan Fox shares his tips and tricks for turning client chit chat into a money-maker for your business.

“Once a conversation is flowing you need to know what end result you are looking for. Map out and explain to your team the steps a client takes during a visit to your salon. After this, you should train your team on how to pick out the golden nuggets of information that could be turned into additional revenue. There are some conversations that do not require an action, however it’s important that you and your team can identify when a topic could open itself up to an opportunity and when it is just small talk that should be left in conversation.

Below are three examples that a typical stylist could easily do in one day. Times that by five members of staff across five days and that could lead to an additional £9,000 in sales for the week. Do that every week and you could double your salon turnover!”

Hot topic: Holidays
“Your upcoming trip sounds amazing – I’m so jealous as I’d love to go there!”
When are you going? Let’s get you booked in for an appointment just before you go so your hair is ready for those all-important Instagram pics. I’d also suggest having a treatment to prepare your hair for the sun. Did you know we stock a wide selection of travel-size sun products that will protect your colour and stop your hair drying out? In fact, it would also be good to get you booked in for when you get back with a moisture treatment to get your locks back into shape.”
Easy sums: £0 vs £245
1 Cut and Colour Appointment (£200) + 1 Treatment (£20) + 1 Travel Product Pack (£25) = £245

Hot topic: Relationships
“Wow – I can’t believe he remembered that expensive perfume you really wanted and bought it for your birthday.”
“Wow – that was a thoughtful thing to do. Why don’t you return the favour by surprising him with an appointment for a haircut and a nice head massage treatment for Valentine’s Day?”
Easy sums: £0 vs. £55
1 New Client appointment (£35) + 1 Treatment (£20) = £55

Hot topic: Trends
“Yes, ultra violet is the Pantone colour of the year, but I agree – it’s not for everyone.”
“Even if you’re not a fan of ultra violet, a new shade is definitely the best way to update your look. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than buying a whole new wardrobe. I’ll show you some examples from our latest look book on the iPad. I know you are only booked in for a cut today, but I do have a gap straight after so if you’re interested, perhaps we could have a consultation about adding in some warmer tones to your hair for the new season?”
Easy sums: £0 vs. £70
Colour consultation (£10) + Colour Service (£60) = £70

Original content compiled by Laura Husband, from the February 2018 issue of Hairdressers Journal.

Ryan Fox is a hair & beauty salon consultant who aims to improve salon performance through training and innovation. For more advice on growing your salon or to book training in your salon, please visit

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