The Wig Fix™ is The Next Essential You Need to Stock

by hjiadmin / last updated August 4, 2020

The Wig Fix™

With a rise in popularity of wigs, there is also an increased popularity of wig accessories. The current methods for securing wigs can cause damage to health and the hairline. These methods also allow the wig to slip, not only causing inconvenience but also pulling on the hair. This tension results in traction alopecia, a form of gradual hair loss. The African and Caribbean community are disproportionately affected by this condition as protective styles and wigs are incredibly popular.

To combat this, young female entrepreneur Assiyah Abdulsalam has created The Wig Fix

This is the first parented wig invention for over 55 years. Assiyah says “current methods of attachment are harmful, time consuming, unrealistic and expensive. Customers are wasting time, money and are dangerously impacting their health using the current adhesives available.”

The idea for The Wig Fix headband came when Assiyah spotted a gap in the market for a product that allowed her wig to remain secured without irritation during warm weather. It offers a hold so secure that it’s rollercoaster proof with no additional help from any adhesives.

The Wig Fix  is suitable for all full, glue-less wigs and can be used on heads with or without hair. Medically approved, it does not put pressure on the hairline, protects the scalp and actually promotes hair growth.

The product is a made from a  specially engineered, 100% hypoallergenic silicone that will last for years. When the headband is compressed onto the scalp, a healing environment is created between the skin and silicone called occlusion. This allows for the skin’s natural moisture to draw up the surface layer. Creating a protective barrier for the scalp and existing hair. The unique silicone design also uses gentle and comfortable compression against the scalp. This is automatically activated when worn, increasing in blood flow and encouraging the growth of thicker natural hair.

The Wig Fix comes in a universal size that hugs every head. It is water repellent and heat dissipating so sweat and moisture will not affect its grip. Its transparent colour suits all skin tones but can easily be tinted to preference. Once on it is completely hidden by the wig. This product is about to be an essential for everyone with a wig. It’s already used and loved by influential celebrities like Patricia Bright, Kehlani and Tokyo Styles, hairstylist to Kylie Jenner.

Now is the time to stock up at your salon

Salons groups and professional stylists can now purchase the product online at £13 per unit (based on an order of 50 units – RRP £25). Each unit comes with the product, a branded pouch and demonstration card. This product also benefits the salon with opportunities for stockist and affiliate partnership programmes. When clients purchase the product at retail they also receive a private video consultation with a wig stylist with over 10 years experience, taking the pressure off of you.

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