The Tie Dye Hair Colour Challenge That’s Going Viral On TikTok

by eleanor / last updated April 19, 2021

tie dye

Tie dye has been having a bit of a moment, and it’s now trickling in to hair as the latest must-try hair trend on TikTok and Instagram in the form of tie dye hair.

Colourists are taking to TikTok to show their tie dye-inspired creations, using multiple methods to achieve the effect. The hashtag #tiedyehair has over 922.2k views and counting, making it a trend to watch as salons reopen and adventurous clients rush to book in for a dramatic colour service.

Below, we round up some of our favourite looks from the viral hair trend…

Just how the tie dye process uses elastic bands to resist colour on fabric, colourist @Bohobrushed used taped sections to recreate the effect on blonde hair with pink and purple shades. The tapes were placed in criss-cross sections while others were place horizontally to achieve the look. You can view the technique here.

Similarly, @aslabreyt twisted sections of blonde hair and selected areas to paint with pink, purple and blue colour. Once unravelled, the twists reveal this vertical blended effect.

The trend is also popping up in hair extensions. We were mesmerised by @Ursulagoff, who hand-painted a set of hair extensions in a classic tie dye spiral in all the colours of the rainbow. Once the base was painted, the colourist then went in with black dye to enhance the markings that are so characteristic of those created on real fabric.

Colourist @hair_huntress painted sections of hair with blue, lime and purple for this summery-inspired tie dye colour melt, with characteristic markings between the shades.

Another creation from @Bohobrushed, this time using muted pastel shades, including teal, soft pink, lilac  and blue with hair tape to recreate the effect.

After more trend inspiration? Chrissy Teigan is leading the way with this hair trend.

Photo credit: @Ursulagoff

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