The Most Loved Hair Trends of 2021 So Far

by hjiadmin / last updated September 1, 2021

Hair trends

As we come to the end of SS/21 (where has the sun gone?!), it’s been a non-stop season for hair trends.

From mullets to money pieces, we’ve had our fair share of throwbacks and new styles in the mix. But which client trends have been the experts’ favourite so far?

Lived in Blondes

While for most, lived in wasn’t the preferred look by choice, the beginning of 2021 and the national lockdown forced blonde clients to embrace their dark roots.

“Many clients have fallen in love with the lockdown roots and are now moving away from scalp bleach – exaggerated roots with a soft baby light gives the client a natural, low maintenance colour while maintaining a fresh and blonde feel,” says hairdresser Heffy Wheeler, of Hx Hair, Rugeley.

The Curly Shag

While the name may be questionable at first glance, this one has been a staple of 2021 and is still going strong as Brooke Evans, owner of BE Ironbridge, gives this style the crown. “The Curly Shag is my absolute favourite – with the use of natural colour going through to make the ultimate beach vibe, “says Brooke.

The Shullit

“I’m loving the Shullit…. a soft shaggy almost grown out mullet, great for clients who want a shorter style with soft feminine texture,” explains Emma Simmons, Hairdresser and Owner of Salon 54.

Pastel Pink

Another one of Heffy’s picks, pale pink has made a soft comeback this year among clients. “We have waved goodbye to the hot pink that was super popular last year and welcomed a more muted and toned-down look whether it be pastels, rose golds or a more expensive and delicate pink toner- a paler pink look has been a colour of choice for many of our vivid clients,” said Heffy.

French Bob

The traditional style never goes out of fashion, with a modern twist every here and there.

“I love the classic French bob, something short yet timeless but with a wave looks so much more on-trend for 2021,” says Brooke.

No doubt we can expect to see be plenty more styles to come through the salon doors in 2021, what’s been your and your clients’ favourites so far? Let us know!

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