The Debate: Should you Give Clients Gossip Magazines to Read in the Salon?

by laurahusband / last updated April 7, 2020

Gossip Magazines in hair salons

Since Caroline Flack’s death a positive Be Kind campaign has created waves on social media and has led some to question the effect that gossip magazines can have on people’s mental health.

Yes, says Jodie Weston, Muse of London salon owner

“Following the #bekind movement at Muse of London we decided not to remove any magazines from our shelves. At Muse of London we offer a wide variety for our clients to read in our salon, including lifestyle magazines, inspirational novels, meditation books, colouring books as well as fashion and beauty magazines, including gossip magazines. We like to offer a mix for our clients to read and leave it in their hands to choose what they’d like to flick though during their appointment by giving them lots options.

I believe that not all gossip magazines are bad. I think the world is starting to become a lot more aware of how negative stories can impact the reader or the actual celebrity they are being written about, so the magazines are slowly but surely changing their content to align with that.

A lot of our clients love to follow their favourite celebrity’s latest haircut, hair colour, nail colour or beauty trend and I think that’s a positive topic. A lot of our clients do come into the salon with a vague idea of what they want but after flicking through their favourite magazine can often set their heart on the colour they desire. This gives our stylists a clear idea of the exact result the customer wishes to have as they take inspiration from the celebrities featured in these magazines.

I don’t agree with the body shaming and trolling that these magazines do but after the #bekind movement I feel that they are now cracking down on these negative articles. With social media placing a huge focus on visual content for the past few years, it is great for us hair salons to be in the know about the latest trends and often “A-listers” tend to sport those trends before they filter down into the mainstream!”

No, says Karen Thomson, Kam Hair and Body Spa salon owner

“Following recent events, we are now against having gossip magazines in the salon. We are a good vibes-only salon and want to only spread positive vibes, not negative ones. With the negativity and shaming within gossip magazines, this is something we do not want to promote and we want to provide magazines that are more positive and inspirational from mind and body to interiors and food. We want our clients to come in and feel like they are uplifted and have had an amazing experience.

Some of the negative comments within these gossip magazines can have a massive effect on someone’s day and how they feel. We feel that with this small change, hopefully more salons will see the benefits and come on board, and many salons will only provide positive magazines that have client’s leaving the salon motivated, inspired and feeling great rather than feeling down about themselves.

Looking after our clients is of upmost importance to us and we feel these magazines are not beneficial to our client’s mental health as they are filled with hateful comments and gossip. We do not want to have anything that is deemed unhealthy and could affect our own staff or client’s mental health and wellbeing in any way and with that we feel like in order to be providing the best customer service to our clients and truly care for them, these magazines are something we do not need within the salon.

We feel this is a really positive movement and also that clients will feel a lot more relaxed and happier in our salon environment. These magazines really do have a bad effect on mental health and we do feel all salons should get rid of them for their staff and client’s sake and instead encourage these more inspirational magazines, as well as books that they are currently reading to give a feel-good feeling and allow clients to further unwind whilst having their services in the salon.”

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