Get to Know The Bluebeards Revenge Latest Brand Ambassador

by charlottegw / last updated July 19, 2018

Callum Marks The Bluebeard Revenge

The Bluebeards Revenge latest brand ambassador has been announced as Callum Marks. The shop manager of Luka’s Barbers in Plymouth, Devon has been barbering for six and a half years and got into barbering by chance. Here’s what you need to know…

He got his big break in barbering by walking into a barbershop by chance
I started off by walking into to a barbershop that I’d never been to before. By the time the barber had finished my haircut I had been offered a job! My passion for the industry eventually saw me managing the place before I joined Luka’s Barbers.

He’s loyal to his hometown of Plymouth
To be backed by a home-town company that I’ve watched grow, bring out great products, support local and international barbering education, and even link up with charities is unreal! I’ve been working on and off with The Bluebeards Revenge about four years ago doing the odd photo shoot and trialing products. I’ve always used the shaving products too – at home and on the shop floor. To see this company grow to the industry giant it is now is brilliant.

He loves how the image of barbering has changed
[When I was growing up] all we had was grumpy old blokes that never talked and put combs full of gel through your hair. The first barber to really make an impact for me was Donnie Hawley, the owner of Layrite. He was the complete opposite to the image I had in my mind of a ‘classic barber’. I’d never experienced anything like him in Plymouth growing up as a kid. Nowadays, I’m blessed to work alongside some incredibly talented barbers at Luka’s – they keep me motivated every day.

He wants to impart this advice to his clients
[I want my clients to] spend a little more time on themselves. Guys come in wanting huge, defined styles but only want to ‘chuck a little bit of clay’ in their hair in the morning. It takes no time at all to blow dry your hair and use a little of the right product. Most barbers will be happy to run through it all as they do it with you and recommend the best products for your hair type and style.

He loves social media
Make the most of social media, its free advertising! It’s also a great way to connect with people that are doing the same thing, and find inspiration for your cuts too.

On Callum’s new role, The Bluebeards Revenge‘s Head of Content Bradley Wicks said: “Callum has supported our brand for years and always shows enthusiasm towards our products, ideas and achievements. He is a barber that is packed with potential and is ready to take the industry by storm. All of the above are qualities that we look for in the barbers that we work with – we want ambassadors that are genuinely proud to use our products and proud to be a part of our ambitions.”

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