The Big Debate: Should All Stylists Wear a Uniform?

by chloeweldon / last updated June 9, 2022

big debate salon uniform

We’re back with another big debate from our May issue of HJ. In this big debate, two experts share their vision on whether wearing a uniform is necessary for in the salon. What do you think?

The big debate


The big debate salon uniforms

Stacey Whyte, Cheveux Salon

While we don’t have a strict uniform policy, I do believe that it has benefits to making staff and clients feel more comfortable.

I realised that we may have new staff members come into the salon environment who may not be in a financial position to buy new clothes. Working with products that can damage clothes can end up being stressful for the employee and a huge financial cost.

Our decision to have a uniform was a group decision. We decided it would gather a sense of team spirit, be in line with our ethos, break down any barriers anyone may feel, and save damaging our own clothes.

We encourage everyone to embrace their style personality, but this doesn’t just need to be done through clothing

We’ve kept our uniforms very simple with black, branded t-shirts, or an option to wear all black which still allows stylists to show off their personal style. When a client comes into the salon, our team are easily identifiable and everyone feels equal.

We completely encourage everyone to embrace their style personality, but this doesn’t just need to be done through clothing. We work in a creative industry, and we are all born creatives. I want this to shine through and the team to stand out as individuals, but I also want them to feel comfortable and not pressured into keeping up with fashion trends if they’re not able to afford them.


The big debate salon uniform

Heffy Wheeler, HX Hair

I encourage my team to express themselves through their own clothing. The way someone expresses themselves with their image doesn’t make them less or more professional.

I believe uniforms leave no room for self-expression and individuality. Working in a highly creative area of the fashion industry, I feel it’s important to be able to do those things. I also believe if staff are working long hours, why should they not be wearing something that makes them happy, confident, and comfortable?

Clients always comment on my unique sense of style. Our own clothing creates a less formal environment, guests have mentioned they feel more comfortable, that the service feels more personal, and they feel they are less anxious about being judged for their own style.

Working in a highly creative area of the fashion industry, it’s important for self-expression and individuality

A recent poll on my Instagram on whether hairdressers should wear uniform or not saw 22 people for wearing a uniform and whopping 676 against.

Hygiene is a contributing factor to many stylists choosing a uniform and due to the nature of the job, it is easy to damage clothing, so we provide aprons that staff can choose to wear.

I believe letting go to stereotypes about how those in the beauty industry should look has enhanced the experience for staff and clients alike.

You can see the full article in the May issue of HJ.

Which side of this debate do you agree with? Have you read our big debate on in-salon training vs. college education?

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