New Fine & Fragile Hairbrush from Tangle Teezer Makes Detangling Even More Personal

by charlottegw / last updated April 9, 2019

tangle teezer fine and fragile

Your fine-haired clients can rejoice. Tangle Teezer has launched The Fine & Fragile hairbrush, especially designed for those with fine, fragile, colour-treated, heat damaged and / or environmentally-stressed hair.

After establishing itself as a detangling brand in 2007 with The Original (which is now an industry best-selling hairbrush) Tangle Teezer has since created The Thick & Curly designed to detangle curly, strong and Afro hair and its newest innovation the aforementioned Fine & Fragile.

The Tangle Teezer new launch couldn’t have come at a better time. According to latest statistics, one in four women will experience hair loss and thinning in their lifetime and 38% of post-menopausal women are affected by genetic hair loss. Similarly scalp care is a big topic for clients – 246 different YouTube videos about scalp care were uploaded in 2018.*

The Fine & Fragile in the Salon 

Using the wrong hairbrush on your client’s hair can increase friction by weakening and splitting the cuticle. The Fine & Fragile has soft teeth which gently detangle and stimulate the scalp for healthier hair. Endorsed by the International Trichology Congress, the hairbrush features the same detangling benefits as The Original – long teeth that eliminate knots and tangles and short teeth that smooth the hair cuticle and provide shine. As leading trichologist Iain Sallis says: “Hair maintenance isn’t just about using the right shampoos, you need to make sure that your clients are using the best hairbrush too.” The Fine & Fragile not only gives you the confidence to brush your client’s delicate hair in the salon, but they can take it to use at home. The result? Minimal breakage and healthy looking hair.

In-Salon Benefits

The complete range of detangling hairbrushes will allow you to showcase your expertise and will make it easier than ever to provide bespoke recommendations for an individual’s needs. You can also keep your client’s hair looking and feeling in top condition until their next salon visit so it’s a win-win for both you and your customers.

The Fine & Fragile Results

5x less hair breakage when brushing*
81% of women agreed the hairbrush felt gentle on treated hair after two weeks**
96% agreed that the hairbrush was super gentle on their hair and scalp**

*Research was conducted by Launchpad Research, an independent agency. A er two weeks of brushing with the Fine & Fragile, severity of hair breakage experienced among women (108) was ve times less, 47% before vs 8% a er. **Results based on 108 women aged from 30 to 50 with ne, fragile hair, colour treated and damaged hair using the Fine & Fragile hairbrush for a two-week period.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Tangle Teezer.

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