How You Can Support the Hair Industry During the Coronavirus

by eleanor / last updated March 31, 2020

The Hair and Beauty Charity is raising funds to help those in the hair industry who are facing extreme financial difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially now hair salons are closed,

The hair and beauty charity, which supports those working in the hair and beauty industries, is offering financial support to individuals and their families who are most in need. However, the charity needs your help to continue its work.

Show your support for the hair industry during the coronavirus

The Hair & Beauty Charity relies on donations, so if you can spare any money, no matter how big or small, please donate to its JustGiving page. Alternatively, if you’re shopping online you can set up free cashbacks in the form of donations through easyfundraising. You can also call the office on 01234 831888 and make a donation via phone transfer or post if you prefer.

If you have surplus stock, you can also donate the items to the charity. Get in touch with the charity about what you may be able to offer.

“We are all in very unique, desperate times and the charity is receiving a huge amount of requests for help,” says Samantha Grocuttco-president of the Hair & Beauty Charity. “There are two ways people can assist the charity, one by ensuring anyone you know who is desperate for help knows there is a place to turn to, and secondly by donating to the charity – no matter how small.”

The charity has also announced the launch of its relief fund, and is aiming to raise at least £20,000 to support those experiencing hardship in the industry.

“We really need everyone to get behind this campaign and share the message and donate what they can – no matter how small, every £1 will make a difference to someone during this unique time we’re in,” says Grocutt. ” We’re in this together and I hope people can support the charity during this time.”

Can the hair and beauty charity help my salon business?

If you are experiencing extreme financial difficulties as a result of the coronavirus, you can view the charity’s application process and make sure you fit into the below criteria.

The charity’s usual application criteria will be used to determine those most in need, and are as follows:

  • Anyone currently working in the hair and beauty industries (for a minimum of 3 years); or
  • Anyone who has previously worked in the hair and beauty industries (for a minimum of 5 years, not longer than 15 years ago).

Help will be prioritised to those who:

  • Have become ill or disabled
  • Have a terminal illness
  • Suffer mental health problems
  • Have become homeless
  • Have become carers for elderly relatives, children, spouses/partners or other dependents
  • Have suffered a bereavement (often the main bread-winner)
  • Does not have sufficient income to meet basic needs

Priority will be given to households where only one adult working within the industry provides the only income to the household (for example, if you live with your partner who will still receive an ‘employed wage’, priority will be given to single parent families whose only income is dependent on their hair or beauty industry wage).

Read more about how the hair industry is dealing with the coronavirus here.

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