How to Achieve this Subtle Pink Colour with Matrix!

by akesha / last updated September 12, 2018

subtle pink hair colour how to

This look is perfect for injecting a bit of subtle creative colour for clients that are after something a bit different but not too much out of their comfort zone. Follow the steps and formulas to create this subtle pink hair colour!


Work with the length, texture and density of the hair and apply colour visually, melting together to create a seamless finish.

Pre lighten with 1 part Light Master + 2 parts 30 vol ( 9%)MCD

Formula A: 1 part 8Ma mocha + 10 vol (3%) MCD

Formula B: 1 part Color Sync SPV sheer pastel + 1 part Color Sync Activator

Formula C: 1 part Color Sync Watercolour Berry Violet + 1 part Color Sync Activator

Formula D: 1 part Color Sync Watercolour SPV sheer pastel + 1 part Color Sync Watercolour Quartz Pink + 2 parts Color Sync activator

How to style:

1 Rough-dry hair with your hands to create a loose texture.

2 Brush the hair to one side, allowing front pieces to fall to frame the face on the opposite side.

3 Apply a small amount of Style Link Grip Definer to the mid-lengths and ends to create a soft, loose braid using a three-strand technique and secure.

4 Expand the braid by gently pulling on the sides along the entire length.

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