1990s Supermodel Hair – It’s Back, But Different

by hjiadmin / last updated September 18, 2019

straight sleek hair

The super-straight, sleek style often recognised as the go-to hairstyle of 1990s supermodels is making a comeback. But a lot has changed since the style rose to fame almost nearly two decades ago* (*instantly feels old*).

Here’s the new innovations that make achieving the style quicker and easier than ever to achieve in the salon, what new cutting trends will make it pop and how to make it work for your clients at home.

The in-salon treatments for straight sleek hair

Mario Charalambous, technical director at Richard Ward, explains that bone-straight locks can be achieved easily in the salon with a Brazilian blow dry treatment. “For clients who want to achieve that smooth, straight look a Braliz treatment is perfect,” he explains. “It’s a premium in-salon treatment that uses natural and vegan-friendly ingredients to deliver long-lasting, smooth straightened hair for up to three months.” Treatments such as these reduce frizz and give hair a glossy and healthy finish.

What hot tools are needed to achieve this look?

Jonathan Soons, creative ambassador at Headmasters, explains that using the right iron is important when wanting sleek, straight hair. “I love the ghd Max Styler. It’s a great investment for a hairdresser because the larger size really speeds up the straightening of the hair.”

The temperature of the iron is arguably as important as the tool itself when achieving this sleek 1990s look. “I always recommend keeping the temperature at around 180-185 degrees,” says Mario, who explains that using the highest heat “isn’t necessary and can damage the hair.”

Who does this style work for?

Face shape and hair colour can influence the way this style looks on a client in a big way. “Sleek, straight hair looks amazing on those with more of a square or diamond shaped face,” says Mario. In terms of colour, application and finish has to be flawless as there’s no where to hide with sleek, straight hair (compared to say curly hair). Global colour looks great with this look, but it can’t be one dimensional.

Jonathan has some tips for colouring blonde clients. “Super straight looks need to have a bit of clever colour placement as having lots of natural blond tones can make the hair look matte. All over glossings and adding blond contours around the face works best as it adds depth and shine,” he suggests.

How can the straight sleek hair look be updated for 2019?

Bringing super straight hair up to date can be easily done by pairing it with an on-trend cut blunt cut bob. “One length hair cuts are ideal for sleek straight hair, the more blunt the better,” explains Jonathan. “If your client has a lot of texture in their hair or its quite thick, look at doing a layered undercut to take the width out of the style. Square shape bobs are so of the moment. They are contemporary and simple and will give the client a modern chic look when hair is styled glossy and sleek.”

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