Step by Step: How to Create a Men’s Perm with Curlformers

by akesha / last updated February 6, 2020

male perm - before

With Gen Z starlets such as Rafferty Law bringing curls back on the male grooming agenda don’t be surprised if clients start to enquire about how to achieve the look themselves. If they need a little help on the texture front then using Curlformers and perming lotion could be a great option for a male perm to mimic the naturally curly look.

Step by step for male perm

Step 1: – Cleanse the hair with clarifying shampoo.

Step 2: Starting at the front and apply the Curlformers in a random pattern, working through to the crown of the hair. (We used the 20cm Short Spiral Culformer, available in packs of 10.)

male perm step 2

Step 3: It takes approximately 15 minutes to apply a full head of Culformers. Work with a zig zag sectioning to ensure soft root results for a ‘not just done’ look.

male perm step 3

Step 4: To protect your client, use a piece of cotton wool or paper towel and wrap it around the Curlformers. Then apply a perming lotion and use with accordance to the manufactures instructions.

male perm step 4

Step 5: Do a test curl and check for a soft S blend. Rinse hair for approximately 10 minutes to remove all the perming lotion. Gently towel dry and remove any moisture.

male perm step 5

Step 6: Again wrap a piece of cotton wool or paper towel around the Curlformers and apply the neutraliser. Develop as per your manufactures instructions.

step 6 with curlformers

Step 7: Rinse and apply conditioner, then style, blow-dry and diffuse.

step 7

mens perm after

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