Speed up your blow-dry service with Tangle Teezer Easy Dry & Go

by eleanor / last updated October 8, 2020

Tangle Teezer Dry & Go

Tangle Teezer’s latest launch is sure to be your new blow-dry best friend. With unique patented teeth and an easy-to-use, ergonomic design, the Easy Dry & Go vented hairbrush delivers a super speedy blow-dry and gives hair a natural, modern finish with plenty of texture and subtle volume that your clients will love.

What is Tangle Teezer Easy Dry & Go?

Tangle Teezer’s latest innovation is a vented blow-dry hairbrush that delivers a speedy and easy blow-dry.

What makes it special? Like all Tangle Teezer hairbrushes, the power is in the teeth. Unlike other blow-dry brushes, Easy Dry & Go is designed with patented precision teeth with flexible tips that allow for versatility when drying and adapt to your blow-drying style.

The teeth are placed in a unique configuration on a wider base to remove excess water from the hair, while the centralised vent allows heat to pass through for a super quick blow-dry.

Easy Dry & Go is ideal for a quick, freestyle blow-dry in the salon. It’s great for clients that want a more natural, textured finish with subtle volume, or those who only require a power dry after a colour service. The Easy Dry & Go will smooth out the hair’s texture and make sure your clients’ hair looks smooth and shiny for when they go home.

How do you use Tangle Teezer Easy Dry & Go?

Dylan McConnachie from Salon64 put the Easy Dry & Go hairbrush to the test on one of his clients. He used other hairbrushes from the Tangle Teezer range to complete the service and you can watch the video below to see the tools in action.

“My first impressions of the Easy Dry & Go are it’s really nice to handle, it’s very easy to work through the hair… it’s a great product! I’m absolutely in love with the results… the shine is incredible and the feel of the hair is just amazing.”

There’s a Tangle Teezer hairbrush for every stage of your blow-drying service – follow these steps to take your clients’ hair from wet to dry to fabulous!

Step 1: Wash & Condition with The Wet Detangler

Great hair starts at the backwash! The Wet Detangler can be used to help evenly distribute a masque or conditioner through the hair. It will also enhance your client’s experience by giving their hair a bit of extra TLC. The patented two-tiered teeth are designed with extra flex to be gentle on wet hair.

Step 2: Prep the Hair with Salon Elite

Tangle Teezer Salon Elite

After the backwash, prep hair for blow-drying by detangling. It’s important to do this prior to blow-drying, as wet hair is fragile and can stretch and snap, so it needs to be treated with care.

Use the Salon Elite to get through knots and tangles with ease and speed. This hairbrush also uses Tangle Teezer two-tiered teeth technology and has a concave shape that fits snugly to the scalp for superior detangling.

Step 3: Time to Blow-Dry with Easy Dry & Go

Tangle Teezer Easy Dry and Go

When it comes to using Easy Dry & Go, there are no blow-dry rules to follow. The unique teeth have flexible tips designed to adapt to your blow-dry style making it a really versatile tool to use in the salon. There’s no need to section the hair if you don’t think it’s necessary.

When using the hairbrush, ensure the nozzle of the hairdryer sits an inch above the hair to prevent heat damage and allow the hairdryer to follow the motion of the brush from roots to ends.

Step 4: Finish with The Ultimate Finisher

Tangle Teezer finishing brush

Once you’ve finished the blow-dry, brush the hair through with The Ultimate Finisher hairbrush to add shine and smooth the ends of the hair.

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