sharon malcolm rainbow knot hairstyle

This is How Sharon Malcolm Created Her Subtle Rainbow Knot Hairstyle

by akesha / last updated May 19, 2020

Often, to create something special you really have to jump out of the box, mixing old and new techniques and unusual products to achieve something new. That’s exactly what Sharon Malcolm did when creating this rainbow knot hairstyle.

To create this fun yet ethereal look Sharon stayed away from traditional products and opted for makeup to bring colour to the style. She used lashings of eyeshadows to colour the updo. Here are her steps for recreating the look…

Create the Rainbow Knot Hairstyle

1 Long hair is straightened, then small sections taken and a knot tied halfway down the length and towards the ends.
2 Place an iron over each knot and clamp to secure.
3 Do this all around the head.
4 Then take coloured eyeshadow and colour each knot with a different shade.
5 Take sections freehand and pull them into shape, leaving the ends free for added softness.
6 Place the sections across the top of the head to create a halo effect around the face and to show off the knots.

Image credit: Jack Eames

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