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This is why Aligning with a Brand that Shares your Values is so Important

by akesha / last updated February 7, 2020

Crowned as the King of Beach Waves, there’s no one that understands the transformative power of hair quite like Kevin Murphy. With a passion for both high-quality and high-performing haircare combined with his love for the environment, Kevin is making a huge splash in the creative and crazy world of hair!

Renowned for the brand’s three core values, Fashion, Performance and Environment, KEVIN.MURPHY has a clear position within our industry and believes in the importance of partnering with like minded creatives. If this resonates with you and your salon’s ethos, contact the team today!

Kevin the session stylist

Armed with a background in session styling of all kinds from designing key looks for high profile cover girls to directing teams at the most powerful of fashion houses, the KEVIN.MURPHY range was born from a passion to create what the stylist truly needs.

“The lack of products that performed as I needed them to perform on a shoot forced me to go beyond conventional hair products and look into the advancements being made in skincare,” comments Kevin. “Everything is driven by my desire to give stylists the products and tools they need to create those special moments for themselves.”

Today, Kevin remains a visionary in an industry that truly captivates him, from leading the trends with new, innovative hair designs to creating ground-breaking products that are both kind to the hair and the environment.

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Consumer awareness of brand ethics, sustainability and ingredients is at an all-time high and it’s increasingly important to research brand values when selecting your salon partner. KEVIN.MURPHY are the first ever hair brand to switch to 100% Ocean Waste Plastic packaging and the first product to utilise this new packaging is already hitting British shores. It is predicted that by 2050 there will be more plastic in weight than fish in the sea, so it’s vital that brands are more aware of their packaging choices.

“This change is for the future of our environment and for us to be truly sustainable – to clean up our oceans for the sake of our planet and for future generations.” – Kevin Murphy

Selecting the right brand for you

Vivienne Johns, founder of Cornwall based salon, Hunter & Walsh understands the importance of selecting the right brand partner based on core values. “We are situated right on the waterfront in the UK’s first plastic free town, Penzance. Our salon was awarded Plastic Free Status by Surfers Against Sewage in 2018. Because of that we are very mindful of the impact of plastics have on our environment.”

kevin murphy ocean waste plastic

She continues: “We started by looking for a brand that would fit the ethos of our business and give us the best performance, Kevin Murphy was the obvious choice for us, the synergy between fashion and sustainability sits so well with our brand ethos and the changing needs of our clients. Within four weeks of having Kevin Murphy our retail sales shot up from 3% to 14%. Our clients love the pretty packaging and the OWP packaging that is being launched this year but most of all they love that the products really work. We are proud to be a KEVIN.MURPHY salon, we are part of the solution and not part of the problem.”

Design-led and eco-friendly

In addition to the brand’s commitment to saving the oceans, all KEVIN.MURPHY products are made from naturally derived ingredients and are certified cruelty-free by PETA. The ethical treatment of animals is at the heart of the brand and with consumers becoming more conscious about the roots of their products, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about which haircare systems meet their needs.

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Not only does the oh-so-stylish product design look great on that bathroom shelfie, it also serves a much greater purpose. Each bottle is designed to fit together perfectly, meaning more space in boxes is utilised when shipping, reducing the amount of packaging needed. Again, it’s these small changes that make big waves.

Product productivity

When designing the KEVIN.MURPHY range, Kevin wanted products that were workable and weightless. He wanted to be able to build the product he was using, without resulting in heavy or sticky hair. All the products in the range are designed to work in this way to allow the stylist to create the exact look they desire, using as little or as much product as they need.

The new TOUCHABLE Spray Wax is a perfect example of this. Developed for stylists who are looking to create hair separation without the residue, TOUCHABLE has all the attributes of a traditional wax with the convenience of a weightless spray. Named as the Best Texturiser in the 2020 Red Beauty Awards, it’s already been a success with industry leaders and experts.

Kevin Murphy

To find out more about partnering with this pioneering brand and becoming part of the KEVIN.MURPHY family contact Sweet Squared here…

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