Self-Care and Wellness in 2020 – How to Make Yourself a Priority

by lydiah / last updated May 15, 2020


Are you ready to make yourself a priority? Business consultant Liz McKeon shares her tips for creating a healthy work-life balance with self-care practices that will ensure your salon business will continue to thrive.

Running your own hair salon can consume an incredible amount of time and energy.  To avoid feeling burnt out, set yourself strict work-life boundaries.  Retaining a personal life outside your business may seem like an impossible task at times. It is key to have the right strategies in place so you can successfully master the art of self-care most of the time. Here are the essential points you need to consider that will help you to achieve the perfect work life balance in 2020, while caring for your own health and wellness:

Draw a line between work and home

Get into the habit of separating the two. When you are at work, you are at work and when you are at home, you are at home. Don’t be in one place and worrying or feeling guilty about not being in the other.

Always stop for meals

On average most salon owners work a minimum of 64 hours per week. Taking care of yourself and establishing healthy eating habits is vital if you want to have the energy required to do your job. Set regular mealtimes and try to switch off your phone.

Make a practice of switching off

 Statistics show that 50% of us check our phones before 7am. You need to build in uninterrupted thinking time into your day, away from technology and the expectation of an immediate response.  Our brains need respite to produce innovative ideas.

Make time for a holiday

It is difficult to leave your salon for long periods of time, but regular, even short breaks, will give you something to look forward to and a much needed opportunity to recharge your batteries.

Set priorities and manage your time

To feel more balanced in life and business, set boundaries and create lists. Put the most important tasks on the top of the list and the least important towards the bottom. Learn to stop ‘sweating the small stuff’ and let go of the less important things, so you can enjoy more leisure time. Taking care of your own health and wellbeing starts with managing your time.  Create a schedule, making your time off, hobbies and interests a priority, then adhere to the list.

Say no to make you grow

 Learn the power of saying no, because sometimes we forget how important it is to say ‘no’ when we are busy.  It is not possible to be available to everybody around you all the time.  If you are respectful to your time limitations, your staff and clients will show you the same respect.

Top tips for making time for yourself

  1. Set aside a specific time each and every week for your own selfcare – block it in the diary and stick to it.
  2. If something is blocking you from taking time out, identify what it is and address this.
  3. Prioritise the things that bring you joy and happiness. This could be simple things such as a walk in the park or time to watch your favourite show on Netflix.
  4. Keep regular hours at work and be strict about your work/life balance.
  5. Technology can be your friend – apps like Headspace are excellent to help remind you to take some time out. The mindful breathing exercises are invaluable.

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