Salonspy Help Salons Manage Cleanliness With Improved System

by hjiadmin / last updated July 21, 2020

Cleanliness is now the top priority for every client when they visit salon. In light of this, the salon review site, salonspy, will ask customers an additional question on their review form. As a result, salons, barbers and beauty businesses will be able to receive honest feedback from clients.

The new question is designed to assist in maintaining hygiene standards. Founder Adam Thomas believes that the new question will ensure confidence, reassuring clients and allowing suggestions. Adam also offers reassurance to salons owners. He said “the client’s response is confidential, only the salons can see the response and it doesn’t affect the salon’s star rating”. The client’s responses are available in real time therefore allowing salons to change the environment based on client feedback.

salonspy has integrated with iSalon, Shortcuts, Salon Genius. I.Q. Advantage, B2B, Salon Iris and Premier software systems. This ensures that the full scope of clients and salons are able to benefit from their review system. Darren Messais of the KH Group explained how the review form works. “As soon as a client checks out and pays their bill they receive a text message with a link to a simple questionnaire”. He is enthusiastic about the review system saying “salonspy is a great way of monitoring your standards of service. The addition of the new hygiene question will allow me to monitor our standards and ensure each salon’s cleanliness is exceeding client’s standards and expectations and if not, I can do something about it.”

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