Salons to Close on Saturdays: “We Don’t Do Saturdays, Do You?”

by hjiadmin / last updated September 1, 2021

Salons to close on Saturdays

Business coaching company High-Performance Stylist launches new campaign in an attempt to encourage salons to close on Saturdays, putting salons’ teams at the forefront of their initiative.

While some industries end their working week at 5pm on a Friday – Saturdays are known as a holy grail in the world of hair, but should your salon actually close for the weekend? High-Performance Stylist (H.P.S) suggest that staying shut on a Saturday could boost staff retention, productivity and job satisfaction.

The business coaching company, made up of co-founders David and Nicole Barnett, have found that more hairdressers than ever are trying to create a more equal work/life balance. Many stylists are going freelance to obtain this balance, yet are met with problems such as pay cuts, long hours, and extra time covering admin and accounting.

Closing on a Saturday is H.P. S’s idea to give stylists that perfect balance and avoid excessive stress, while maintaining a place in a team-based salon.

“By giving your team the luxury of a full weekend off every week, plus the option of flexible hours during the week, it makes it clear to every salon professional that when you work in our salon, your family life, mental health and career are all equally important to us, and that one doesn’t have to suffer in order to feed the other,” said co-founder David.

Is it possible financially?

While having what could be the busiest day of the week off sounds great, is it possible without taking a hit to profits?

After crunching the numbers, Nicole believes that it is completely possible and, in many cases, – Saturday is not the highest revenue day. She explains: “This campaign is not just about a schedule change. It’s a mission; a core belief that your teams come first. My research shows that for most salons, Saturdays are NOT their biggest revenue day. In fact, for salons open 5 days a week it is often the 3rd, or 4th best day, out of 5. Stats also show that Saturdays often have reduced operating hours, the lowest retail spend per client, the first day that team members want to ask to have off, #1 call in sick rate, and in general, if it is going to go wrong – it usually does on Saturday.”

How to do it

While you could just update your opening hours and let your team know they’ve got the weekend off, Nicole and David recommend a slightly more methodical approach.

They recommend understanding your salon figures, making a plan, and being clear about why you want to make this change. H.P.S’s We Don’t Do Saturday’s initiative works with salon owners to learn how change impacts their business and secure the foundations – creating a spending plan, payment structure and helping to know what it means for a business to be profitable.

David and Nicole see this project as a breath of fresh air in the hair industry, making sure teams are put first.

“I see this as being the rebirth of the team-based salon. Teams being motivated, excited and happy to be working in the salon. Teams feeling supported and understood. Hairdressers and beauty professionals finally feel like the true professionals they are, just like doctors, accountants, dentists and every other professional service person that doesn’t feel they need to work Saturdays,” explained David.

To join High-Performance Stylist’s group community, go to, or work directly with David and Nicole by emailing [email protected]

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