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Salon’s Incredible Street Art Shows Hairdressing Industry’s Resilience

by eleanor / last updated February 16, 2021

The pandemic has hit the hairdressing industry hard, but one salon has shown just how resilient the hairdressing community is with salon street art.

Amanda Linehan, owner of Linehan and Co salon in Rainham, Kent, commissioned local artist Dream Safari to create the artwork on the side wall of the salon.

“I took over the salon right at the beginning of the pandemic and am now in my third lockdown,” says Amanda. “Myself, my team and my clients have all been feeling the low side of this pandemic, as have many others. I decided I wanted to do something to bring some cheer and positivity to the area that everyone can relate to,” she said.

As a result, she got in touch with a local street artist from Whitstable, Kent, and together they came up with a mural for the salon wall, which shares a positive outlook relating to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The painting depicts a woman with blue hair, flicking away the Coronavirus, and symbolises the industry’s resilience in the face of multiple lockdowns.

“The meaning behind the painting is to show the community, my team, the hair industry and every other business that has been affected by Covid-19 the pain and hardship we’ve all had to endure, but we will get through this and rebuild and we are not giving up. By us flicking it away brings a light hearted humour to what is a horrendous time,” she said.

“The artwork was meant to grab attention and to give everyone a sense of positivity and an uplifting feel as they see it. It’s had an immediate response from everyone,” she said. “Whilst the artwork was being done, the public were stopping and really taking an interest,” she added. “When it was finished, I posted it on my social media account and within 24 hours, it had reached over 10,000 from likes, comments and shares.”

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