Salon Social Media Etiquette – What’s your Strategy?

by akesha / last updated October 26, 2018

salon social media

Social media. How many times a day do you hear the phrase? How often are you asked ‘what’s your insta handle?’ It’s the phrase that’s replaced ‘what’s you phone number?’. It’s the way that most clients will find you and the first thing that comes up when you google your name or salon.

So of course we need to be savvy about the power of social, and to help the team at recently commissioned a survey from Smart Insight to find out what consumers and customers want from brands on social media. According to Smart Insight, 52% of social media marketers stated social media has helped increase their company’s revenue and sales.

The survey also highlighted how important transparency is to customers, with 86% of those surveyed saying that honesty was important above all else. This is something that Sophia Hilton, owner of Not Another Salon prides herself on, “We are consistently transparent online, from prices, to times, even when the company has been struggling with something.”

She continued: “Companies are dull but people are interesting. Show the people, the personality show people you are real. Personality sells.”

The rise in popularity of video content is not slowly down. The survey found that video clips is the most popular action wanted by consumers for brands to use on social media, with 83% of those surveyed choosing it as their preferred media format.

Trevor Sorbie’s artistic team utilise video to showcase their creative decisions and inspiration. Tom Connell artistic director at Trevor Sorbie advises brands to get on on board with short impactful videos; “Video clips must be sharp and to the point. Followers attention spans are getting shorter and shorter the first few seconds of any content are the most important when wanting to engage your audience.”

“Imagine you are creating videos for yourself, what would you like to see, what would engage you, what would interest you enough to go back to that page and explore that persons work further. If you begin thinking along these lines the chances are the content you produce will be remembered, which is the whole point.”


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