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Only One Styling Product Was Use Backstage to Create This Look

by akesha / last updated July 19, 2019

As a hairstylist backstage at a fashion show your role is pivotal in bringing the whole look together even when that means creating an über simple look to draw focus to the clothes. Creative director and founder of RIKOKO Beauty, Richy Kandasamy, did just this as he created this clean low ponytail for the Lelloue Resort 2020 Runway Show in Miami Beach with just one key product.

Richy relied on the RIKOKO Kokobalm for the shine of the finished look.

1.) Pre the hair with leave-in conditioner and apply throughout sections all around the head on the scalp, mid length to ends.
2.) Blow-dry this into the hair on a medium temperature.
3.) Slick hair back into a smooth, low ponytail and secure with elastic.
4.) Apply RIKOKO Kokobalm to the outer layer of the hair and full length of the ponytail for shine, styling and protection.
5.) Use your hands to smooth the ponytail allowing the global texture of the models hair to adapt.
6.) Finish with a light spray of RIKOKO Prism if needed.

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