Redken Launches The Advocate Network

by charlottegw / last updated February 11, 2021

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With a global mission to support every hairdresser to learn, earn and live best, Redken has announced the launch of The Redken Advocate Network.

A collection of the industry’s freshest talent have partnered with Redken to inspire and engage through the power of social and education.

In the last three years, Redken has seen dynamic growth in professional colour, attracting some of the highest profile salons in the UK & Ireland.

Due to growing industry demand and a changing professional landscape, Redken extended the reach of its products and services through new channels of professional distribution in 2020, enhancing the brand’s omni-channel presence and enabling the brand, including its iconic Shades EQ, to benefit all professionals.

Redken aims to meet the needs of its growing professional audience through its signature online and offline brand education programmes.  The Redken Advocate Network works alongside brand education and brings a new dimension to our community by sharing the trends, techniques and know-how from fresh industry names committed to amplifying new educational platforms to inspire and connect on a deep level via the voice and power of pro-to-pro sharing.

What is the Redken Advocate Network?

The Redken Advocate Network is collective of fresh influential colourists and stylists from the UK and Ireland, who have a combined mission to empower professionals through digital education and social media. In collaboration with Redken, the Redken Advocate Network aims to engage and inspire the professional community by sharing new trends, techniques, social expertise and education through pro to pro advocacy networks for an authentic and highly conversational approach to engage all hair fanatics.

Who are the Network?

The Network comprises of a selection of salon and independent stylists identified as leading authentic brand social super fans in 2020.  Their brand love combined with their modern expertise in social and trend, technique-led LIVE education, formed the basis of this new partnership initiative.

Meet the Advocates! 


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Redken Advocate Network


Redken Advocate Network


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