R+Co Launches New Couture Collection in Celebration of its Founder

by hjiadmin / last updated July 28, 2020

R+Co Bleu Colour

Luxury Brand Partners has announced that R+Co is launching a couture product collection under the name R+Co BLEU and it is now available for salons to pre-order.

“R+Co was based on the premise of a collective-bringing together hair and beauty’s top talent to create a super line based on a shared vision” says Dan Langer, President of R+Co. “The beautiful thing about a collective is that it creates opportunities for collaboration, and also moments to showcase a singular vision. R+Co Bleu is a celebration of the Career of Garren, one of the co-founders of R+Co” who has served as one of the world’s most culturally impactful hairstylists for 50 years. The products in this range have been designed around his perspective, editorial eye and incomparable beauty . Dan continued, expressing that the new collection is “an unadulterated expression of the glamour and transformation that is synonymous with his work”.

Tev Finger, CEO of Luxury Brand Partners states that the development of R+Co Bleu comes from a request directly from the salon network. “Salons want to offer lines that speak to all clients”. The resulting Bleu collection has a shared DNA to R+Co but a different philosophical approach.

R+Co Bleu is named after the calming waters and tranquility of destinations like Positano and the Caribbean.

The line-up of 21 formulations, promises to bring sophistication, quality and ingredient innovation to hair care.  The products heal, rebuild, nourish and protect. They address factors such as chemical processing and heat styling. This ensures that stylists and clients can achieve looks with flexibility, movement and radiant shine.

Each product category has its own shape and colour-coded cap. The range is also further divided into groups according to benefit which is indicated by four different colours. Blue for Essentials, orange-red for Colour, green for Repair and Moisture and purple for Volume.

The range will also be a must-have for clients. “R+Co Blue transforms the hair, providing editorial access at home” says Garren. During his career he has shaped the silhouettes of beauty icons including Farrah Fawcett, Victoria Beckham and Kendall Jenner. His work also features consistently in global campaigns and publications.

The new collection takes environmental impact into consideration creating clean and sustainable haircare.

The iconic packaging boasts a juxtaposition of gloss and matte textures with rich, vibrant tones and artful design. It is inspired by ’70s Yves Saint Laurent, where Garren was first introduced to the world of fashion meets fantasy, quality and excellence.

The bottles and jars used are made from 100% post consumer recycled material. Recyclable sugarcane plastic is also used in the tubes for the collection. Todd Hildum, President of Sales at Luxury Brand Partners says “By being recycled and recyclable, we’re creating a continuous circle of sustainability”. As a result, the brand is leading the way as an innovator in the prestige hair care category.

The upstanding ethics of the new products don’t stop there. The line is also colour-safe, vegan, Leaping Bunny-certified and gluten, sulphate and paraben free.

With each product the recipient will also be given a seed infused card which will grow into wildflowers when planted. This gesture highlights the collection’s partnership with One Tree Planted in support of global reforestation. Elizabeth Langkraeher, General Manager of R+Co is passionate about the cause. She said “We look forward to hosting stylist-led tree planting events around the country to build community and environmental awareness”.

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