TikTok’s Purple Shampoo Challenge Craze – Does It Actually Turn Hair Purple?

by lydiah / last updated November 1, 2019

purple shampoo

There’s a new viral challenge taking over social media known as the purple shampoo challenge.

The #PurpleShampooChallenge has 3.8 million views on the TikTok app, while #PurpleShampoo has 59.9M views. Recently people having been filming themselves putting an extreme amount (sometimes the whole bottle) of purple shampoo onto their hair with the assumption that the coloured shampoo will dye their hair purple.

Needless to say, that the shampoo doesn’t dye hair purple. The purple shampoo, better known in the hairdressing industry as toning shampoo keeps brassiness at bay, cancelling out yellow and orange tones in blonde, leaving the hair with a sharp and icy platinum colour.

For people who don’t have blonde hair, the purple shampoo won’t take any effect, but will just leave the hair clarified and clean.

Paul Dennison at Ken Picton commented on the craze, “With overuse, purple shampoo can leave too much deposit, which is why education and guidance is such an important part of retailing products for home use.

The product is only meant for maintenance and removing brassy tones from coloured hair and any professional will tell you should not be used on a daily basis.

Tracy Hayes, head of professional colour at Fudge Professional says, “Unless this is the look you want to achieve, I would usually recommend using a toning shampoo every two weeks or so to keep the blonde fabulous and clean. Remember this #PurpleShampooChallenge will only work on blonde hair and if you’re going to do it, definitely wear gloves!”

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