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Prostate Cancer UK Receives a Year-Long Support From Jacks of London

by hjiadmin / last updated June 11, 2019

Prostate Cancer UK’s staff will receive a 5-star treatment from Jacks of London during Men’s Health Week and after, until the end of the month.

This decision celebrates Jacks’ 25 years in business, as well as the beginning of a year-long partnership between the salon and Prostate Cancer UK. The goal is to raise awareness and funds for a disease that kills more men than breast cancer does women.

“We have decided to mark our 25 years by giving back,’ shares Emma Lee, Marketing Manager of the southeast-based barber group. “We wanted to do something other than just celebrate our birthday and prostate cancer chimes very personally with us. Family and friends, as well as clients, have been affected.”

Current statistics show that one man dies every 45 minutes in the UK from prostate cancer. It is the most common cancer in men, with one in eight men in the UK being diagnosed.

The diagnosis often causes long term side-effects and is set to become the most commonly diagnosed cancer of all in the UK in 2030.

Monday 10 June marked the beginning of Men’s Health Week. At their first event Jacks of London will acknowledge Prostate Cancer UK’s work, such as their newly launched campaign, ‘Men, we are with you’. They will also be educating barbers about the disease.

Other events will involve men’s health, a partnership with American Crew to spread the word and the charity’s iconic ‘Man of Men’ pin badges sale.

“We are proud that Jack can team up with a charity that is moving so quickly to eradicate one of the most devastating diseases affecting men,’ says Emma.

Jon Eserin, Associate Director of Fundraising at Prostate Cancer UK, shares his appreciation for Jacks of London’s offer to his team: “Not only will this year-long partnership raise vital funds for research, it will help start conversations about the disease and hopefully encourage more men to be aware of their health.”

Anyone with concerns about prostate cancer may contact Prostate Cancer UK’s Specialist Nurses in confidence on 0800 074 8383 or online.

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