Philip Kingsley Announces New Renewable Plastic Bottles

by charlottegw / last updated July 23, 2019

philip kingsley renewable plastic

Philip Kingsley have announced they will be using renewable plastic bottles made from sugarcane. The brand’s choice to switch to 100% recyclable bioplastic was driven by the collective need to face the climate crisis. Bioplastic is a practical and safe way of sharing formulations with customers and being climate positive.

Carbon emissions? More like, carbon omissions

Probably most importantly, the process of producing plastic from sugarcane is a carbon negative one. This is because for every 1kg of I’m green™ Polyethylene used more than 5kg of CO2 are absorbed from the atmosphere through photosynthesis during the sugarcane’s growing phase. Carbon emissions are one of the largest contributors to global warming and using sugarcane-derived plastic means Philip Kingsley are significantly reducing their carbon footprint

Making bottles from natural, renewable resources

On Philip Kingsley’s mission for more sustainable solutions, they researched all the viable alternative options discovering on the way that despite the perception that glass is a more planet-friendly choice, it isn’t exactly shower friendly for health and safety reasons and it has a much higher carbon footprint due to its weight and density. It’s also more carbon consuming to recycle. Traditionally produced plastic is certainly not planet-friendly, but recyclable bioplastic made from sugarcane derived ethanol is a better option for the planet.

Philip Kingsley have removed their cardboard cartons

Let’s be honest, outer packaging goes straight in the (recycling) bin the minute customers get their new hair products home and open them. So, Philip Kingsleyhave also removed 95% of their cardboard cartons. The remaining 5% is being worked on but in the meantime, they have switched to all FSC-certified stock, which supports sustainable forestry

Renewable material, same superior product

Plastic is ordinarily made from crude oil, a rapidly declining non-renewable resource that emits large amounts of carbon during the refining process. Sugarcane bioplastic is made using the ethanol that is a natural by-product of the sugar industry, and so is a renewable, recyclable, and more sustainable option.

Speaking about the new bottles, Anabel Kingsley, brand president and tricholigist, says: “We’ve listened to our customers and we know as a brand that there is always work to be done to find better, more sustainable solutions. We’re ensuring that the plastic which we do use is as sustainably produced as possible and 100% recyclable. Sugarcane plastic costs a lot more than regular plastic due to its credentials but it is the right choice for Philip Kingsley, our customers and the planet.”

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