From Paper to Digital – a Conversation with Ryan Fox

by laurahusband / last updated August 9, 2019

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Technology is moving faster than ever nowadays. With this in mind Ryan Fox explains how transferring processes from paper to digital could streamline more clientele in the salon.

Mobile salon technology is the biggest advance in salon software. It is designed for tablets and phones, which means you can step away from the reception desk and take the software directly to your clients.

If you give the tablet to your clients, they can add all of their personal details while they are sitting comfortably in the waiting area or in the stylist’s chair.

You can also use this type of software to get GDPR-approved consent to contact clients with appointment reminders, store their medical information and to send marketing via SMS, email or by post.

Investing in salon software technology is worthwhile because it will give your stylists all of the information, they need to provide a quality consultation at the start of every appointment.

Your stylists will be able to see what services a client has had before, how often they usually come in and the products they have bought in the past. This means they can suggest the right additional services and upgrades, recommend relevant retail products and offer the right frequency of visit for rebooking.

The Holy Grail

The result will be higher service income, higher product sales, higher average bills, better rebooking percentage rates and better client frequency and retention, which is what everyone in your team should be trying to achieve.

You will also find your stylists won’t need to crowd around reception between appointments to get the most up-to-date column information and it will give them the confidence to take ownership of growing their column on a daily and weekly basis.

Add Client Notes on the Go

Client notes such as technical colour histories, preferences, suggestions for additional services and product recommendations can be added at the start of the consultation or during and after the service to minimise disruption to reception. Plus, your stylist won’t need to catch up with their notes at the end of the day and reception won’t have to add them all in, which can be a massive task.

Digital Allergy Tests and Images

Skin testing is an essential area to get right in the salon if you want to safeguard your client’s health and protect your team from being sued. You can use digital software systems to create skin test forms where clients can sign that they’ve been tested digitally.

A very underused resource of salon digital software is a pictorial history with before and after looks of a client’s hair or skin. Having this available as a mobile option makes this a usable facility that can also translate into a social media transformation-style post if it is done well.

The transition from paper to digital is a big step for a salon to make, however you and your salon team will reap huge benefits in a short space of time.

Ryan Fox is a hair and beauty salon consultant. His Touchpoint Communications Training is designed to identify opportunities to wow the client and generate more income through better use of the technology. For more information or to book call Ryan on 07702 208 311 or visit this website.

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