Occupyd Helps Hair Salons Monetise Vacant Space

by eleanor / last updated September 14, 2020

Hair salon Occupyd

New online marketplace Occupyd helps hair salons to monetise on vacant space.

Occupyd helps hair salons by connecting businesses and individuals who are searching for workspace with companies looking to monetise their extra capacity.

Occupyd caters to a number of industries across the UK including hospitality, hairdressing and beauty salons, as well as workshops, photography studios and event spaces.

How does Occupyd help hair salons?

For example, a hair salon that closes on specific days of the week can advertise its space on Occupyd for small businesses or entrepreneurs. This provides out-of-hours income for the owner and cuts down the financial responsibility for the occupant.

“A large number of organisations have been affected by the on-going pandemic, which has had a huge impact on their bottom-line,” said Occuyped founder, Callum McPherson.

“We’re driven to make life a little easier by facilitating relationships between businesses on the hunt for workspace, and those that have extra capacity, so they can help each other out and continue to grow.

“We talk about the ‘hidden market’ – something which is already there, but people are unaware of. Monetising after-hours capacity, which would otherwise be empty, or renting out supplementary workspace could be a goldmine for some companies,” he added. “Many of us are sitting on something valuable – we just don’t know it.”

Businesses who create a profile can field enquiries on the platform from interested individuals or businesses, and Occupyd provides the marketing and platform development

Once an arrangement is made, the money will be deposited into their bank account, so there are no invoices to issue or chase.

“Taking a five or 10 year lease on a building, paying a hefty deposit and having access to it 24/7 is not what most SMEs and microbusinesses want or can afford,” says McPherson. “We give them access to space in prime locations, when and where they need it, so they don’t have to pay for more than they require.”


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