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Do All Male Celebs Have A Shaved Head Now? Actor Noah Centineo Debuts A New Look

by lydiah / last updated October 23, 2019

Male celebrities such as Noah Centineo are chopping off their locks and replacing them with a freshly shaved head. Is this military style becoming a new hair trend for men?

The 23 year old actor recently revealed to the world his new shaven head on his Instagram stories. The actor is best known for his roles as Peter Kavinsky in the 2018 film To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Fellow actor Tom Holland, who stars in Spider-Man: Far From Home, has also opted for this style recently with a buzz cut. Both actors seemed to be following the rule ‘less is more’.

shaved heads Noah centineo

The pros and cons of the style

While the style seems to be quite popular at the moment, the look has its pros and cons.

Joe Mills from Joe and Co, in Soho, London comments, “A buzzcut is a favourite with celebrities and the military. It’s the ultimate masculine style that is low maintenance, looks smart and is easy to look after. By cutting short with clippers, the buzzcut can look individual thanks to the shape of the head, which also means it’s not a style that suits everyone!”

Joe continues: “Noah has opted for the classic short buzzcut which is a uniform length all over the head. While it can be quite severe, his textured hair will soon grow back, giving him options of how he wants to style it. Many men who get bored with their hair opt for a buzzcut so they still look good while deciding what style they want next.”

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